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Where to find cranes in Japan?

Red crown crane (tsuru 鶴) has been one of my favourite animal to watch. They’re such graceful creatures. These birds do roam around all over Japan, but the easiest stop will be Kushiro. Kushiro is a small town to the east of Hokkaido. No fast train from major towns, 4.5 hours from Sapporo.

Shark cage diving. Kleinbaai, RSA

Welcome to South Africa, my humble home, country of smiling people, song singing, African sun… and a bunch of wild animals 😀 Driving along on garden route and get to Kleinbaai (in English, ‘Small bay’, but no SA person will understand you if you say small bay lol). The drive is my favourite. It is super scenic and easy drive. Watch out for the speed limits!! There are lots of cameras on the way.

Safe vs Dangerous photo – Safari, South Africa

In a safari tour, one needs to know when to give it up. It saddens me greatly that yet another tourist has became lunch. Lions are CARNIVORES. We’re food, period! We are easy snacks that run slower than most animals. Opening the windows / get out of the car is not good. The below are ‘safe’ pictures to take. The below is ‘GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE’ picture.