Guadeloupe is EVERYTHING! There are jungle hikes, mega affordable snorkel/SCUBA, canyoning, tons of rhum+++ Cherry on top? They have whales. Hop along the Les Heures Saines!
The meet up point was a STUNNER! Check this view out! O, and there’s free tea / coffee for all early birds. The counter also sells cool drinks and ice cream.Les-Heures-Saines-Malendure-Guadeloupe-whale-watching-cruise-2031.JPGThe guide showed up and lead us to a small hut (under 200m walk) with lots of marine life information… all in French. The 70sqm hut was simple and fill free. No air con and 20 people cramped to listen to the guide. It was on the academic side of things? Pure information and zero joke. I love being informed, but in that humidity and heat, I wasn’t loving it. **For unknown reason, I cannot find any of the huts photo in my camera and my hubby’s. Think “hut” okay? That’s the best description for it.


Back to the original fabulous meeting point we go, there we waited for the boat.

Les-Heures-Saines-Malendure-Guadeloupe-whale-watching-cruise-0332Within 3 min being on the boat, before we started to move, one of the passenger felt ill already and decided to call quit (left the boat). It was a sign that motion sickness was real! If you have any tendencies at all, pre-medicate yourself before you do this trip. I didn’t see them selling any meds, better that you prep yourself ahead of time. A lady on wheelchair was on board with us. The staff were attentive and pro! So ja, this cruise for for EVERYONE.Les-Heures-Saines-Malendure-Guadeloupe-whale-watching-cruise-2033.JPGWe speeded into the beautiful Caribbean sea for 40min. The crew used some apparatus to listen for the whales. That’s what he looked like when he was doing his thing.Les-Heures-Saines-Malendure-Guadeloupe-whale-watching-cruise-2221There were shadows in the water and then there were fins. The water was crystal clear. It was just amazing to see.Les-Heures-Saines-Malendure-Guadeloupe-whale-watching-cruise-0058Les-Heures-Saines-Malendure-Guadeloupe-whale-watching-cruise-2262Les-Heures-Saines-Malendure-Guadeloupe-whale-watching-cruise-2292

This was a stenella attenuata. Or you can call it “Spotty” like me 😛

Then… a moment a silence. There was a “spray” in a distance.

Les-Heures-Saines-Malendure-Guadeloupe-whale-watching-cruise-2368Sorry, dolphins, you were cute, but the whale was stealing your thunder.Les-Heures-Saines-Malendure-Guadeloupe-whale-watching-cruise-2437

According to the guide, whales normally only come up to the surface every 30min. We were really lucky to have spotted 2 whales within an hour.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO love it! I must admit, I don’t know why I was so excited. I used to live in Cape Town (8 years) where whale watching was easily accessible. LOL I guess living in Paris  starts to rub off.Les-Heures-Saines-Malendure-Guadeloupe-whale-watching-cruise-0330O, this cruise also served planteur (rhum based cocktail) at the end. I started to think that EVERYTHING in Guadeloupe had to end up with drinking some stuff rhum based drink.



  • Discounted bundle deals are available on Malendure beach booth (colourful huts).
  • A whole lot of sunscreen is a must.
  • Motion sickness medicine is a good idea.
  • This was a 3 hours ride.


Where was I?

Les Heures Saines

Rocher de Malendure, Pigeon 97125, Guadeloupe (in French and English)


Camera: Canon 5D mark 3, Canon 6D, Sony Z3+, Nikon S33

**Canon lens EF 100-400mm 1:4.5-5.6 —> we were quite far away, but the lens made it look a lot closer. If my regular lens (EW-83L 24-70mm) was used instead, it would look like this.Les-Heures-Saines-Malendure-Guadeloupe-whale-watching-cruise-0171

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  1. What an amazing experience that you have here Joyce. I’ve tried cruising though, but I wasn’t able to witness some of those friendly dolphins that you’ve seen. This is just so lovely. Keep traveling and sharing your travel experiences ????

  2. Whale watching is something I have wanted to do for ages. We have some great spots here in Australia. What an experience you had. You took some great photos Joyce.

  3. I had no idea there were whales in Guadeloupe but I guess it makes sense.
    So neat you actually saw not one but TWO! I’ve been seen a whale not in captivity…
    And LMAO the side by side photo of the whale tail and your feet… I can’t tell the difference… XD

    • Me too! I was really surprised.

      I’m very scared of orca (killer whales). even in captivity. Very long time ago, I witnessed their hunt.

      *LOL* Just to be clear, those are my husband’s hairy legs wahahah

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