Right next to the Takachiho Gorge there were some intriguing food stalls. At this place, ‘you snooze or you lose’ had a new meaning. That’s right, the noodle floated along the bamboo, but not into your bowl… if you didn’t catch it in time, they just fly off the cliff. This style of serving udon was the regional specialty, nagashi somen 😀takachiho-miyazaki-japan-3652

Thanks to my hubby for the demo, this was the 3rd take… had a beer, that was not helping lol


Where is this place? Takachiho Gorge – refer to my previous post

Like udon? Check out the making of udon at Nakano school – Kotohira, Kagawa


Coming soon: Devil’s wash board, Aoshima. Also in Miyazaki prefecture, Japan.


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  1. Sugoi! I guess the only squeamish thing is – do people just use their own chopsticks or do they use the one for “common plate” only?

    • *LOL* I haven’t thought about the chopsticks thing wahahah I didn’t use the ‘common plate’ chopsticks (ops)

  2. Wow! This looks so fun and unique! ???????? love this idea if i ever make it yo japan in my lifetime i will definitely go check this out. I LOVE your blog, it is so interesting girl

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