This post is long overdue. It has been 9 months since I’ve left London! Fond memories of my year there. Here are the quirks that I miss.

Creative delay reasons

I was on my way to work. I took the tube. You know, that underground train thing in London. Guess what, there’s a delay due to… “Too much sun.” At first I thought I heard it wrong. Too bad, I wasn’t. Seriously, what has the sun go to do with an underground train?!?!?


Underground delays pretty much everyday during peak hour. Each time some poor person states some reason over the speakers. E.g. staff didn’t come to work, it is too cold, it is too hot, too much wind etc


It was even on the news LOL

Variety of Beer

Beer culture is so much stronger than in France. In London it was easy to find home brew / small scale brew. Well and large varieties of tea too.


Street food

I must say, street food are hard to come by in Paris . Perhaps it is too casual for the French? Yes, most street food are fatty and are probably bad, but hey, casual eating is always fun.

East London Food Tour-8061
Refer to my post on Food Tour East London / Shoreditch


All sort of afternoon tea places

Like anything goes as far as afternoon tea is concerned – savoury, sweet, themed up etc. Here in Paris, all the afternoon tea that I know are on the polished side of things. More uptight than chill.

This photo was taken in Cutter & Squidge when I was still living in London. I did not write a full review on this afternoon tea experience. 
However, Dani from abeautifulthing2015 did a fabulous post covering her experience –


English accent

Living in Paris makes me miss English horribly.

Fancy classic English afternoon tea? Here’s my experience: Afternoon tea in Harrods, London

Free entry to museums

Any age and any time in London. e.g. British museum, V&A etc. Sigh. No such luck here in Paris.

British Museum – free entry for all ages



Of course, I miss the friends that I made there. But then again, they know who they are 😉

*Bonus item* Thing that I totally NOT miss… garden slugs

I lived on ground level and that was a BAD idea. Guess what, whenever it rained; which was VERY often, these guys visited my place.slugs-london-ground-floor-pest-5375.JPGHow to prevent these guys from coming in? Or how to kill them? Witch craft! Sprinkle salt next to the windows and doors.


So that’s all from me this time. Thank you for reading. Is there anything that you miss since you’ve left London?


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Salut, I am Joyce. 40 something living in Paris. Appreciate little things and share giggles. Prudent, no nonsense reviews. #ExploreLaughRepeat


  1. You have provided some excellent facts in this article. I’d want to start off by stating that this is an article that is not only informative but also helpful for us. Please continue to share items of this nature, and thank you.

  2. The weather/delays thing is so true. If it’s anything other than chilly and overcast then we don’t know what to do!

    Also agree on the street food, London has some great markets.

  3. A Hello Kitty cafe in London/ Was it full of young Japanese women? That underground message was probably someone signing off on their last day working there.

    • Wahaha not at all. It was full of local British. I think it was a limited time thing. They’re usually quite normal looking.

      Did you know that Hello Kitty the character was born in UK? (created by Japanese)

  4. Haha, too much sun, I remember that being on the News, gotta love how we just can not cope with any weather here that’s not 15-20 degrees!

    Street eating in London is fun, there’s lots of places you can pick up something tasty that’s not from a chain and just keep on going!

    Euch I hate slugs, just because the dogs carry them in, they don’t come into the house otherwise, so not only is it gross and slimy, but it’s also slobbery – and I have to work out if it’s dead or alive, I can rerelease into the fields at the back of our house or not!

    Come back Joyce!!!

    • Yikes, sorry, Rachel. This comment gone into spam. Only spotted it now.

      You know, with the slugs, I think that’s where the “witchcraft” thing came from. The line of salt keeps them away haha.

      As long as the Tories are in power, we’re unlikely to move back. Plus, with Brexit happening, I don’t know if EU citizens are welcomed any more. sigh Sad to have to leave, London was so lively and there’s so much to see.

  5. LMAO, “too much sun” are you kidding me?! Here they’re a bit cryptic, “unauthorized personnel on the track level” or “personal injury”…
    Hmm Street Food is the best! Does London have food trucks?
    Heee that slug looks like a snail without its shell! I kind of want one as a pet. I don’t mind slimy things.

    • Wahahaha they also used “personnel hasn’t come into work” (sadly, it wasn’t a joke)

      Okay, Stashy, you liking this pest is really weird… Trust me, they are pest! They come into the house and leave slime all over. Just gross.

  6. Joyce I am in London at the moment on holidays so will try and do some of the things you miss for you. It’s such a great city!!

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