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Serious crowds with very little to see. Unless of course you’re looking to sight see other visitors. This is THE spot to be. Okay, perhaps, I am being passive aggressive. Let me try it again. There was nothing to see besides people by the hundreds. This UNESCO site is SOOOOO noisy. It almost doesn’t feel historical. The experience was horrible. Have I mentioned that most people do not wear deodorant?cobbled-street-near-ruins-of-st-pauls-macau-famous-wall-6347.JPGI feel exhausted even thinking about that walk towards the infamous ruins. Of course, no hard work go to waste and I went in for the classic tourist photo.ruins-of-st-pauls-macau-famous-wall-6356.JPGAnyhow, if you do go up the stairs and get a closeup… this is more or less what you’ll see.ruins-of-st-pauls-macau-famous-wall-6364Enough of me ranting, here’s are few reasons why this wall receives so much love:

  • Built in 1640, took 28 years to complete.
  • Was the LARGEST Catholic church in the whole of Asia at the time
  • The remaining facade was crafted by Japanese Christian exiles
  • Took 7 years to complete the carving
  • Macau lost favour with Europe, less money / gift to maintain the church
  • A fire broke out and ultimately destroyed the church on 26 January 1835
  • The wall was set to be demolished in the 90’s due to safety issues.
  • People resisted and the wall stayed.
  • 2005 officially listed by UNESCO


So that’s it for this post. Have I convinced you to stay away yet? If not, please tell me why you’d still brave this 😉


Although I hated this particular visit with a passion, I had a fab time hanging out with an old friend 😀



Where was I?

Ruins of St Paul’s

Santo António, Macau


Honestly, no one needs the address, just follow the crowd. Tons of buses that goes this way.


How to get there?

From hotels, there are free buses. The bus stop itself states that it goes to the ruins of St. Paul’sl.


Otherwise, public transport is possible.


The below route is copied from http://www.visitourchina.com/macao/attraction/ruins-of-st-paul.html They’re a tour group that I have never used myself.

By bus No. 10,10A, 11, 21A, 2, 3, 3A, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8A ,26A, 33 and get off at Avenida de Almeida Riberio (新馬路, San Man Lo), then walk along the Senado Square;
– By bus No. 17, 18, 8A, 26 and get off at Jardim Camoes/ Terminal (白鴿巢總站, Camoes Garden Bus Terminal), then walk along the Cobbled Street (石仔路).

Cobbled Street (石仔路), a nearby street. Good luck visiting 😉

Camera: Canon 5D mark iii

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Salut, I am Joyce. 40 something living in Paris. Appreciate little things and share giggles. Prudent, no nonsense reviews. #ExploreLaughRepeat


    • Your source is quite right. The transport system isn’t that fabulous. A lot of their transport going to their main tourism is fully funded by the casinos.

    • You’re probably not alone in thinking that. People travel more these days.

      I can tolerate a large crowd, but just not chaotic organisation. E.g Louvre has LOTS of visitors, but the queue and the way going in doesn’t feel chaotic. The queue is long, but that’s it. There’s not need to push through etc.

  1. Well, maybe I want to see other visitors and crowds of people milling around! Who are you to judge my life choices! 😆

    In all seriousness, seeing the photos and reading the history is enough for me! Also, I wonder if they reinforced the wall if they kept it up despite the safety issues?

  2. Wow. Sorry you hated it. You have put off a lot of people off potentially visiting. Yikes. Maybe return and try to find the good things/ aspects…then write a more objective, fair even…complimentary post? I get that you are entitled to your opinion…but come on. Have a thought for people who live, work there and want to visit. People read your words/ opinions and take them as gospel. Yup. Just some constructive criticism…

    • Hey, Sam. Thank you for dropping by and the thoughtful comment.

      Unfortunately, this was not my first visit. Over the years despite the increase in visitors, they have not improved sufficiently on expanding the roads or improving the route. The streets leading to the UNESCO site are simply too narrow and over crowded. The experiences were chaotic (multiple times). That and the fact that I’m crowd adverse.

      I haven’t even mentioned the lack of bins or the poor state of the facilities nearby yet. To me, the place has become very unappealing.

      I did have family who lived in Macau 😉

      • Hey Joyce, thanks for your thoughtful reply. Interesting to know that you have family who live in Macau. I went to Uni with someone from Macau. Also, my heritage is part Portuguese and I also speak Mandarin-although I know that they speak Patua in Macau. It seems an interesting place-a place I would very much like to visit. Based on your ‘review’ I initially had concerns about visiting. But….I am not easily swayed and hope to visit one day.

        Perhaps you should have mentioned the lack of bins to support your analysis/review of this magical place-it might have supported your argument. That being said, it was an honest review and well written. So…thanks!


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