Yey!! My box made it for the weekend!!! Let’s unbox.

Another round of beautiful graphic from Kanako 😀 I love the colour scheme. There’s no sticker on the outer box this time, so no outer box photo.I got to choose the delivery time! It’s a first! I quite like the security procedure with the code too. Well done, My Little Box! I love it that I’m sure as hell that I’m the only person to get my box.

Email from my little box France

I’ve done a video version of this unboxing 😀 A new attempt. If video isn’t your thing, keep reading 😉

my-little-box-june-2017-france-los-angeles-5245.JPGThe poster / info leaflet is rather pointless? It’s pretty, but hey, it is straight to the bin for I like that is a beach tote bag 😀 Cotton canvas, probably 40×40. Water print, I do like that.

Gucci sunglasses & Monoprix hat are not included in the box.

Up next is a small envelope…

Sealed with “Hello L.A.” sticker.

Yey, the bracelet is adjustable!!! Finally, something that I can wear!!!

Yes, I know my skin is very dry. Thank you for noticing.

After that was a bunch of puff stickers. Retro colour scheme and style. I have no use for these. Probably to the bin

And finally… the beauty bag. Hm… It is a pharmacy looking paper bag this month. I do like it. It is a pity that it is not something that I can is what’s inside:

  • Burt’s Bees coconut foot cream 20g made in USA
  • My Little Beauty coco sunrise body and hair oil 75ml made in Belgium
  • Palmer’s coconut oil body lotion 50ml made in USA


The beauty content is kind of like the coconut box from last year? Frankly, none of the items interest me. They’re boring. I am not about to write something fill the gap. BORING. My husband is very interested though. He loves coconut

All in all, I love the bag and hate the box in general. How about you? What do you think of yours?

For my past boxes click

Where to get this box?

I bought this box myself. No economical benefit for me for any clicks.

Mine is the French MLB.

If you’re curious about the UK version, hop over to Rachael’s. Rachael is an UK beauty/lifestyle blogger. Her blog is full of beautiful photography and inspiration. She is currently on her honeymoon 😉

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  1. Your like button is showing up again so I took the opportunity to like a bunch of posts. Not sure if you receive notifications on those! 😉

    That bracelet is so cute – the tassels would drive me bonkers though! And yes, you need some hand cream. Why are you so opposed to taking care of your skin?! My Little Box even GAVE you some moisturizers! It’s a hint! 😛

    • Ar, hand cream and body creams are hard for me. Feels super weird to have cream on the body. I have been using hand cream once every 2 days, I’m getting there. 😛

      I have no idea how to get the like buttons any more. I get notification on WP reader 😀 thank you for all that clicking haha Those little heart thing on my site is clearly not working for any body.

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