It’s been 8 months in Paris ! Yay & nay, because my immigration procedures are still not over. Anyhow, here’s to another round of 10 impressions of Paris.

Un. Fruits & cows here are way bigger than in South Africa

The freaking tomato from the budget store is bigger that my hand. What’s in their fertilisers?!?!? Seriously, do the cows get fed cheese and champagne? Why are they so big?



Deux. Central Paris stench

Yup, the city of love is laced with the smell of pee. That’s in the street and down in the metro subway.

Pretty Hausmann building paired with the aroma of pee…


Trois. Speedo are mandatory for men

Clearly some psychopath created this rule. Apparently the rationale behind this was for public hygiene. That’s right, men in small tight triangular swim trunk are supposed to help with that. Honestly, China has more freedom than France LOL People wear whatever (seriously, WHATEVER to the point that law enforcement may have been good).


Welcome to France and its speedo boys 😉 Imagine…


Quatre. Atheist government pretends to be secular

This is probably politically incorrect. Hey, everything is politically incorrect over here. Okay, the French government is really into separating the state and religion. Fair game. No singular religion get favoured. I like that concept.


In practice, they totally enforce drug cocktail of religious ignorant with atheism. Not teaching any basic religion in public school is wrong. Every person should at least have the right to know about the various religions out there. Don’t have to be a believer, but at least be knowledgeable. Don’t talk about it doesn’t mean that religions will go away. Plus, being ignorant and imaginative about religion is far more dangerous.


Cinq. Distinct seasons

The change is season here in Paris is very clear. So perfect for the fashion capital. 4 season of clothes is a real need.


Six. Cow breed is common knowledge

Seriously. Do you know that in English? We just call them “milk cow”, “meat cow” etc. no? Here, food is serious. For example, cow for cheese milk is Montbéliarde. Example for meat cow, Charolais. This is considered common knowledge?!? I hope this is a joke.

Montbéliarde cow

Sept. Toubon Law

Broadcasters in France has a mandatory minimum use of French language. Hm… it is weird, but it definitely soften cultural invasions. Good for the country for keeping local music and film industry alive!


Huit. Diner after 21h00

Something that I cannot get used to. Well, the sun is setting around 22h00. Feels like a vampire, anyone?


Neuf. Note from neighbour

This note was from a concerned neighbour. Everyone on our floor received this sticky note. The just of the note was… We don’t want to intrude your private life. however, please be more tame in the sexual activities. LOL See, thin walls.


Dix. Celebrities have private life

French celebrities enjoy a high level of privacy. It is considered the norm. So no flashy person like Kim K over here. Thank you!


So that’s it for my 3rd round of 10 impressions of Paris. How about you? Have you visited Paris? What do you think?


Salut, I am Joyce. 40 something living in Paris. Appreciate little things and share giggles. Prudent, no nonsense reviews. #ExploreLaughRepeat


  1. Some fascinating commentary on Paris Joyce. My knowledge of the city of love is from movies and my wife’s short visit and what stuck in her mind and shoes was the dog crap on the pavements. AS a former history teacher in a government school, yes we taught about the different religions in a comparative historical sense. But even 13 year old kids were smart enough to see all the main religions were parochial power trips to control women!! (in a broad comparative sense) As for real spiritual practices such as Australian Aboriginal Dreamings, its about all people connecting to nature.

    • Wahah yes, dog crap is a very prevalent issue over here. I wanted to mention that, but I’m not sure if photos of dog crap is so fabulous for my post haha.

      I don’t know if 13 years old kids knows hey. Many have difficulty distinguishing Sikh, Hindu and Muslim. Even more difficult when it comes to Taoism and Shinto. I still stand by that it is good to learn about all sort of religions in school. Helps a lot to understand others and mega help to travel appreciation.

  2. Chatelet is the worst — it always smells like sewers.

    Speedos are…very weird. I used to be a lifeguard and, ohhhlala.

    • 😂I second that. Chatelet smells all over the show.

      Haha speedo technically qualifies as work hazardous? Wahaha

  3. I can’t believe you’ve been in Paris for 8 months already!
    The most striking aspect of the Paris Metro was definitely the stench of urine. Also, my ears popped from going so far down in that cavernous tunnel. Our subways here are only 2 levels down from the ground…
    Hahaha are you serious it’s law re: Speedos? Are there no laws to protect women and children from the sight of that?!
    That’s odd they don’t even address religion in school. At our school there is a subject called “World Religions” which is a very interesting and non-preachy way of studying religions.
    I hate eating dinner late. And that’s why I cannot live in Europe or India. They eat so late! I like to eat dinner by 6pm which I think is a Chinese thing.
    Canada has laws to protect its culture too – for example, the radio must play a certain percentage of Canadian content. We are inundated with American arts & culture (as is the whole world, I’m sure).
    LMAO re: note from neighbour. LMAO LMAO LMAO!!! At least everyone received the note, not just you.

    • Exactly! I can’t believe it either haha 😀

      Ja, the French law doesn’t protect women and kids’ eyes haha Speedo is compulsory.

      I do think the cultural protection law is a great thing. Who really wants Kim K and Trump all over the show? 😛

      That note was hilarious haha. When I first received it, I thought maybe there was something wrong with my French. I double checked it with my hubby to verify the meaning of that letter.

    • That must have been amazing!!! So central!!!

      Compare to Tokyo, I understand that it doesn’t feel as safe over here. I came from South Africa, there’re very few places that makes me feel unsafe 😛

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