This box smells great even before I opened it! Really true to the box’s theme. LOVE the scent! UNBOXING TIME!!!!

Kanako Kuno, the illustrator, nails it again and again! I just LOVE her drawings.


Magazine of the month… learn something new about coconuts, coconut oils, cooking with coconut etc. Included in the magazine are also promo codes. Quite nifty. I like this month’s magazine 😀 Fresh takes, full on with the theme and FUN!


Lifestyle products of the month: Passport cover & Bracelet

LOVE this passport cover! This is so me LOL Let’s get lost haha.


This bracelet. Very pretty. Too bad that my hands / wrists are just too damn small >_< Will give this one away.



The moment is here~~ Time for the cosmetics of the month!


I love the sash bag again! (I say that every month :P)


Wow, no wonder the box smells like coconut.

  • Yves Rocher noix de coco eau de toilette 20ml
  • Ojon rare blend oil moisture therapy medium texture 2ml
  • Merci Handy coco rico hand cleansing gel 30ml
  • My Little Beauty brume de coco apres soleil 100ml


Everything smells divine if you love coconut. All are useful for me. I am excited. The end 😛 Kidding.


The fragrance, hand sanitizer and the hair oil are obviously perfect for travel. I love the smell. So, I don’t need to explain, right?


As for the My Little Beauty after sun product. This goodie here has glycerine! Feeling smooth. It is in a natural spray format. What’s not to love, huh? I’ll probably use it as a after shower instead LOL


Now, this is the end 😀 Thank you for reading! xox


Where to get this box?


What to expect from My Little Box? (based on my experience)

1 x magazine
1 x little fabric sash bag
Surprise item(s) in line with the month’s theme
2 x French brand beauty products
1 x my little box’s in-house brand beauty product full size


**I bought this box myself.


Side note… anger email from me to MLB

Below is a print screen of the aggrivating email that me and many other subscribers received.


What nerve! My blood was boiling. They basically ‘punishes’ their loyal subscribers for continual subscription and ‘reward’ those who have unsubscribed. The nerve! That was not the first time too. I spotted this trend when I read other people’s my little Flower box posts. That time, I did not receive the actual email though. In any case, their customer service have now replied and advise that they’ll offer the same deal to me.


Honestly, I am still considering unsubscribing because of a principle issue with the marketing style. But this months box has ticked all my boxes. The struggle is on-going


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  1. I got that email too and was a bit upset! Did not contact them at the end, though was considering it. I should have! Maybe I would have gotten the same deal too haha I agree, they are only doing this to get more business but all the same it feels really unfair 🙁 xx

    • Good to know that I’m not alone in being upset. I was about to unsubscribe straight away after I received that email, but then I saw the spoilers on how great the box look! >_< Too angry, had to let them know.

  2. I still haven’t received my July box and I also received this upsetting email. I did the same and contacted their customer service, asking whether this offer could be extended to their existing customers. Quite appalling how they cannot filter their database correctly and just blast this out to everyone. At least this month’s box has good reviews so am rather excited to receive it any day… 😉

    • Really? That’s so strange with the delivery. Fingers cross, I hope you’ll get it this afternoon 😉 This box was just beautiful.

      Email – I felt so betrayed. Maybe that’s too strong of a word, but I was really pissed off about it on the day that I received that email. Anyhow, their customer service was really good and responsive. Saving grace for sure.

  3. I never received that email, I did see on Facebook about it though, good that they honored it though, their customer service has always been really good with me!
    Didn’t realise there was two different styles of passport covers, I like both, the message on it makes me LOL too – Let’s hope it doesn’t curse our passports to get lost!

  4. I wish My Little Box was available in Ireland! It always looks so good. That email at the end would annoy me too though, Im subscribed to Glossybox and its sometimes really frustrating how they lure in new subscribers or returning subscribers with great deals but rarely reward loyal customers!!x

    • One less box to tempt you then 😉 Ja, I am so glad that I’m not the only one annoyed by this type of email. It drives me nuts.

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