Inspired by my fairer doppelganger Stashy from Stash Matters. She said open tag, so I politely tag myself 😛


What’s your most inexpensive beauty item? What’s your most expensive beauty item?

Most Inexpensive

Colourpop liquid lipstick. I got them during a special! I am such a miser. It works out to be USD4. It has to be the winner!

Colourpop ultra matte lip, shade knotty

Most expensive

Shit… that is embarrassing. Probably my Talika duo light plus EUR300 or my IPL machine haha I am a machine whore.

Talika light duo plus


What item do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Foundation. It’s like an OCD relationship? I try foundation across board at all price point. Love it one day and then hate it the next day. Or the colour is perfect last month and the colour is wrong this month. At the same time, I love the sensation of having foundation. It completes a face. Then again, I hate it, because they all have colour change risk or melt down in the course of the day. You know what I mean, right?


What brand takes up most of your collection?

MAC takes the cake. On the eye shadow singles alone is 23. Stashy, I am normal! 😛 Spoiler alert, if you head over to Stashy’s, you’ll gasp, I promise.

This is the older version of MAC pro palette. It doesn’t have see through lid. I do love it that there are little groves, it makes it way easier to change the pans. The palette is also more slim. I do like the see through lid of the new ones, but they’re hell to change pans. *I am not a makeup artist, but I am very tolerant to trying out all sort of colours. I have a strong preference to select my own colours individually and not buy pre-made palette.



What product do you neglect the most due to laziness?

Contour. I have cream kit, powder kit and sticks for all that jazz. They sit very quietly in the corner. I am not a hug fan of contouring, especially for non photographic occasions.



What product gives you the most confidence?

Blush. I love that stuff. It brightens my face even if I don’t wear any other makeup.



Which item is at the top of your beauty wishlist?

Bite Beauty multi-stick. It is an edible cheek & lip tint. LOVE! Plus, it is not available in France. So this is definite lust worthy.

Image from Holding @Catforsley accountable for causing lust.



Which makeup product looks great on other but not on you?

Pale nude lip. My sausage lips look so dead it is not even funny. If I’m trying to cosplay a dying patient, yeah, that will be the look.


How about you? Are you guilty of these sins too? Please tag yourself 😉

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  1. Love your post 🤣 defintly guilty of lusting after everything make up related and contouring isn’t something I do often either.

    • Thanks 😀 xox Contouring is just too much work haha and most of the time contouring looks a bit more drag queen in real life?

  2. I loved this tag, so much fun!
    How do you like the ColourPop liquid lipsticks?
    Ooh that Talika apparatus is so SEXY – wow! But I think the cost is justified since it actually WORKS.
    Yay for customizable palettes and single refill pans! A girl after my own heart!
    We have the same item for Sloth… contouring is just not something I do on a regular basis! And even when I do it, I often end up blending away most of the product because I feel it looks weird on me.
    Haha “sausage lips” – I’ve never heard that term before so I can visualize it! 😆

    • I have only tried their ultra matte for 3 days so far. Comfortable. Since matte, shriveled lips is the look now, it looks good. Sticky chicken wings, full throttle messy eating action caused 70% colour lose (nude lip colour, lighter than MAC faux). Excellent value for money. Will rebuy and try other colour.

      The thing is with singles, I use all the colours. With palette, after trying all the colours, only 1/3 shades are usable if lucky. Bad value?

      Ja, Talika is the bomb! No need for anti-aging cream 😃

      Problem with contouring is that it is extra work. Plus I think I don’t look as youthful when my face is more defined.

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