Accommodation prices on Miyajima are well known to be unforgiving, so are ryokans. Introducing my proud affordable find, Sakuraya Ryokan. The location was SOOOO good. It was 5min walk from the ferry dock and 10min walk to the alluring Itsukushima Jinja 厳島神社, 宮島. Cannot be happier.The reception was a lot more western looking than other ryokans? It’s not that it was bad, it was just strange?The room interior is beautifully Japanese. Everything that one would expect, the tatami, sliding door and low set furniture. Spacious too. Bedding was beautifully made and beaten to a pulp by an old man. It’s something really impressive to see. Who knew bed making can be such an art?

Hot bath / onsen in house was the classic. It was really nice after a full day of walking around. There’s private shower in our room as well, but who would visit Japan without doing their onsens daily, right?

I won’t quite call this place a ryokan because of the lack of in-house food service? To me, at minimum, ryokan should have ass-kicking food service e.g. Ryokan experience – Yudanaka, Japan. In any case, that’s how Sakuraya classify themselves. There were so much food offering nearby, so it wasn’t exactly an issue. Like I said though, I still stand that they don’t qualify to call themselves a ryokan.

Breakfast. Served in the lobby.

It is possible to have breakfast at the reception / lobby. It’s a separate charge and required confirmation the day before. We walked passed and it was honestly not inspiring. They also sell grilled oyster (local specialty) in the afternoon.

I paid JPY 20800 for 2 nights. If I ever return to Miyajima, I’ll stay at this place again. It is the best deal that I found for private 2 adult non-hostel accommodation.

Where was I?

Sakuraya Ryokan

739-0550 Hiroshima, Miyajima, Hatsukaichi-shi Miyajima 853-1, Japan


So what did other people have to say about this place?


This is NOT a sponsored post. I did use myself for my original booking.  All in the post are affiliated links.

I paid for this accomodation myself.

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  1. It’s been a while, Joyce.
    Hiroshima is my hometown, I had lived in Hiroshima until when I was 25 years old.
    Thank you for introducing Miyajima, and we are waiting for foreigers with deers, haha!

    • Hello, Nakamura-san. Indeed, it’s been a while. Just saw your post. Congrats on the admission. 🎉

      Really? My old Japanese teacher was from Hiroshima too.

      Haha, Miyajima is so famous already. The accommodation price in general is very high compared to mainland Hiroshima.

      The deers ate my map 😂🤣

  2. This looks passable enough to be a ryokan even without the food! Although, we all know the FOOD makes the experience, right? The grilled oysters look delicious!

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