This place was on the way to La Maison de Foret. Easy access. Anyone can do this in flip flops or barefoot. 2 min walk on paved road to the waterfall. Fab wild swim offering!

This photo shows what to expect for the 2min walk.

O, do visit here early. I noticed that by 10H00, there were 20+ people pitching up and the swim was no longer serene.

Either a fellow blogger or some journalist. She didn’t get into the water.
Slippery rocks alert!

Now, if there’s a title for the most efficient awkward photo taking hubby, my hubby has to at least get nominated. Not to brag about him, but hey, he’s really talented at doing that; evident is abundance on my blog. This is usually what happens when I do ask him to take photos of me. For sure, my hubby is not an Instagram husband. LOL Such flattering”” portraits of me.

Behind the waterfall
If you enjoy hardcore strength massage, this is the spot for you.


  • Lens will get humid and get misted up!!! Bring your cleaning kit with you.
  • The rocks are super slippery around the waterfall. You are better off reaching the photo spot barefooted.
  • Do not visit alone. There’s no surveillance of any sort.
  • Waterproof camera is recommended. There’s no knowing whether you’ll slip together with you camera


Where was I?

Cascade de Ecrevisses

Forêt Départementalo-Domaniale, Cascade aux Ecrevisses, Guadeloupe


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  1. I pretty much never ask the SO to take photos of me because he has the shakiest hands. Once, I was dressed up and wanted to document the outfit and hair… the resulting photos were blurry and my head was chopped off! Your hubby definitely did well! 😛

    The waterfall is beautiful but I’m sure I’d somehow hurt myself there…

    By the way, this is a small suggestion – a nice detail for your site is to add an icon for the site tab (favicon), like this:

    • Joyce Belfort Reply

      Okay, your SO is more talented. At least my whole body was in frame LOL.

      Thanks for the suggestion 😀 I’ll look at it now. MUAH~~

    • Joyce Belfort Reply

      Hi Denis~~ I was totally expecting this question hahah no croc in Guadeloupe 😀 I thought of you when I took my “croc bait” looking photos haha

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