Craziness and I turned mega tourist haha. It was a day of Japanese food, games, cute stuff and cosplay. I liked this type of festival or exhibitions. It brought people together and acted out on their imagination in an environment where nothing was too crazy. In fact, go big or go home. This is a photo heavy post.

There were 2 levels. All the bigger brands were at the ground floor and no hot food. Upper floor was shopping & hot food.


Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Oyakodon, Tofu stuff, snacks, Kit Kats, Pockys… etc. Probably everything that sprang to my mind was there. My greatest regret was my tight attire.


Japanese Tech

What’s a Japanese exhibition without tech? The new and the old.


The robotic hand mimics my human hand movement. It cannot do Spark unfortunately. It can definitely do piano style sort of moments though.
The queue was WAY too long. Anyways, it was like gamers’ dream come true machine.
The original Mario cart and Taiko game! (love)
DDR / SSR classics


Try beating these professional looking cosplayers. They got it ALL down and include the tiniest details. Kakashi here even has the bells from the first season of Naruto! Respect! The Mario here has a REAL beard. That’s dedication to the cause.

This is @spindashdude (IG, click this photo if you want to check him out). He is one of the BEST Cloud cosplayer (Final Fantasy) that I have ever met.



There was substantial shopping available as well, but I didn’t take too many photos. Stuff toys, books, manga, action figure stationary, accessories etc. Only thing that was missing was Japanese drugstore cosmetics.


I only bought 1 non-food item. Her collection looked very Sailor Moon inspired. I just had to have a piece (love).



This stand deserved my undivided attention. What’s life without a stamp rally? or Amiibo, 3DS and Yokai dance? They had it all out!

Watch me being over excited by Yo-kai watch. I was doing it totally wrong of course.

Best stand ever! 😀

NHK (television)

They’re bringing the goods too… lucky draw, activities, Domo and crazy hats.hyper-japan-2016-london-9041


So that’s it, folks. That sums up my visit to the Hyper Japan Festival. They will return for Christmas and next year summer.


  • Buy the ticket online. Even though they charge you to print your own ticket at home (ridiculous really), it is still cheaper than buying it at the entrance. The difference is about GBP2.70
  • If you’re not going to watch every show or every activities available, 1 session is more than enough. No need to purchase multi-session pass.
  • Bring cash. Lots of stands did not accept cards.
  • ATM inside the value charges GBP1.99 per transaction
  • Half-hearted cosplay sucks, full house / all out cosplay is cool.


Where was I?

Hyper Japan festival 2016

Olympia, Kensington, London

Official web site:

Entrance fees: GBP 15 to GBP 43 per person


I have entered a competition to win a Nintendo 3DS. Please help me to win by clicking like on my twitter? xox many thanks


*I paid for my entrance ticket with my money.


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Salut, I am Joyce. 40 something living in Paris. Appreciate little things and share giggles. Prudent, no nonsense reviews. #ExploreLaughRepeat


    • Thanks 😀 Well, Toronto has a huge Cantonese community 😉 that is fun too~~ Thank you for reading 🙂

  1. Aw how fun! I wish there was more of a Japanese presence in Toronto. I would have ate and spent too much at this event! LOL the DDR classic machines! And so cute you went in your kimono! And that dance video! 😆
    I liked and retweeted your tweet – I hope you win the Nintendo 3DS! (I only have the Nintendo DS, but I love that thing!)

    • The DDR talents were intense at the exhibition 😀 Aw, thanks for the support. They’ll announce for the winners this Friday~~ fingers crossed 🙂 *I have 3DS already, but that’s in Japanese. They’re giving away the UK version. I want that~~~

  2. Aaah, this looks awesome. The one I attended, the Manga and Sci-fi convention, in Paris was not as good. Yeah Naruto cos players still dominate!

  3. Loved this post! I did a post yesterday about visiting Hyper Japan☺ Love your outfit by the way, you look lovely x

    • Thanks, Danni. You were there too?!?! We could have met up haha. Absolutely, visiting your post now.

  4. Sounds like a very commercial event Joyce. We have aa couple of Japanese festivals in Melbourne and they are all fun and games and food and shared activities, basically cultural events

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