Japan Funbox July 2016

Sorry that I’m soooo late on this one. The box was not delivered and I had to visit the post office to fetch it. London was sunny and I got to do some Pokemon, so no love was lost haha. Here comes the unboxing 😀

Rich consomme chips~~ :9



Karujyaga -salt flavour potatoe dough stickjapan-funbox-july-2016-japanese-snacks-9226

I LOVE this packaging~~ It is from Glico. What’s not to love?


Big Thunder II cocoa cookies


Gulped it down in the previous box. Happy to have another one 😀


Neo Fruitsjapan-funbox-july-2016-japanese-snacks-9230.jpg

I’m not excited at all about this one. It’s just a hardish candy that bits down into powderish taste in the mouth.


Beware of Sour Grapesjapan-funbox-july-2016-japanese-snacks-9223

Potentially extremely sour chewing gum. 1/3 chance. What fun 😉


Hi-Chu Strawberryjapan-funbox-july-2016-japanese-snacks-9224

This is an old school favourite :9 The center is soft. Pink outside, white inside.


That concludes this unboxing.japan-funbox-july-2016-japanese-snacks-9209

Just want to mention that June box was my FAVOURITE. It is very difficult to top that one. So this month feels like a let down. It can also be the fact that I got the box extremely late. Tasty nonetheless :9

What did you think of your box?


Where did I buy it from?

Japan Funbox was sent directly to UK from Japan; they send to anywhere in the world for the same price. They had 3 box sizes to choose from. I bought the smallest one, it is called the ‘Mini’.


**I bought this box myself. No economical benefit from any clicks for me. This is my regular sharing post.


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  1. You certainly got your sugar fix in that box Joyce

  2. Hi-chew is my ultimate favourite candy! You remind me, I need to post about my non-makeup Japan haul.
    I threw out the idea of getting a Japanese snack box to my SO, and he said we’d just collect a bunch of food we won’t eat. So there goes that!

  3. Yum yum yum. The potato sticks look good c

  4. What is this yumminess? Food sent in a box? That is a thing? 😀

  5. I love looking into what comes in these boxes Joyce; thanks so much for sharing.

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