A new meaning to ‘sand castles’. These gigantic pieces of art were made of sand and water. Sharing photos of the jaw dropping works of art.

tottori-sand-museum-japan-150554They were not just huge. They were detailed too. If you zoom into the photos, you’ll see that they all have CRAZY amount of details.


They do a different theme every year. Artist from all over the globe. As the sculptures are made of water and sand only, these exhibition do collapse eventually. So, if you’re really keen to see a particular theme, get yourself over there already! This museum has been around since 18 November 2006 and the vision to work with artists across the world has been an enduring one.


Tottori prefecture is very proud of their sand dune (Tottori Sakyu 鳥取砂丘). I’m sure you’ll spot that vibe the moment you land in their main train station 😉 There’s also ‘sky is the limit’ amount of souvenir related to the dunes haha


**We didn’t spot convenient stores near the sand museum. I strongly recommend that you take snacks and refreshments with you prior to heading out towards the museum.

The museum doesn’t have much English going on. To fully appreciate all the narratives, bring someone who can read Japanese.

Where was I?

Tottori Sand Museum


Address: 鳥取砂丘 砂の美術館 〒689-0105 鳥取県鳥取市福部町湯山2083-17

TEL : 0857-20-2231

Entrance ticket: JPY600 per adult


This was about 20min drive from JR Tottori. There’re plenty of tourist bus & regular bus that goes there.

During holiday season, there’s a special bus (Kirinjishi loop bus) for all the attraction point. JPY600 for a day (unlimited rides) or JPY300 per ride. Holiday season: 20/7 ~ 31/8 Please look up the latest update on ‘holiday season’.

The official prefecture site: http://www.pref.tottori.lg.jp/ or twitter account @tottoripref


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(more posts on Tottori are coming soon)

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  2. I never knew such a thing existed, a permanent museum for sand sculpture exhibitions! This is going on my to-visit list next time ti come to Japan (hopefully some day!), even though I don’t know anyone who speaks Japanese!

  3. Amazing! At the annual fair here in Toronto, they also have a sand sculpting display. It’s so impressive the amount of detail they can get in SAND. And they’re massive! Also, they have a BUTTER sculpting display – one year there was a giant Yoda in butter, LMAO

    • O, ja! The sculpture festival! Heard so many amazing stories. My husband went, but I haven’t been yet. I am such a chicken with cold weather haha I really need to visit there.

        • Xi’an Christmas was too cold for me… I was shaking so much that all my photos were blurred *LOL* I don’t know what I’ll be like in -20… I grew up with 15 degrees is ‘freezing’ cold mentality haha

    • We didn’t know about it either. We’re heading for the sand dunes and saw a poster of this place. ???? it was a surprise find haha

  4. Love sand sculptures. I remember visiting some as a teenager and it’s amazing how they do it. Just followed your Facebook. Would lkve it if you followed my page too☺ x

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