Romantic patch this one. Let’s walk around through my lens, shall we?

There’s of course much more to Hakodate than the Bay. I feel that it will be too much information to go into one post.

AMAZING shopping experience. Stunning display and Japanese hospitality. Who can resist?!?!?!?
Hakodate glass house. I couldn’t resist taking photos of these little guys. They’re so cute.

Hakodate was one of the first few Japanese port to be opened to the world (USA gunship diplomacy; threatened Japanese with warships and forced the government to open up the ports). *Nagasaki was the first. There’s certainly some East meet West feeling in the architecture and their streets. The town mood was quite mellow, I should say; or it could have been just the touristy me. The town had much to offer.Hakodate night sky was something that the town took pride in. It was awarded 3 stars according to the Michelin Green Guide. Their tourism board was all over this and it was impossible to miss the crazy adverts. So this one gets a special stand alone post.

The second one that is blog worthy… Lucky Pierrot Burger. Alright, I know this sounds strange, but our Tokyolite friend loved this place and STRONGLY recommended this. True to form, it was fantastic! Magically fabulous Japanese fast food. I understand why our friend obsessed over it. Lucky Pierrot created enough buzz that the locals would travel to Hakodate just to taste their burger & to buy their merchandise. Only in Japan?

Japan’s number 1 burger… Lucky Pierrot

This is not a burger town!!! Hakodate was a darling for fresh seafood. Fresh off the water and more relaxed than its Tokyo sister, Tsukiji.

Further seafood info?  Hakodate’s morning market – Hokkaido, Japan 函館市、北海道

How to get here?

The bay. 20min walk from  Hakodate JR station or Hakodate airport. Impossible to miss, lots of signs or just follow along the water LOL

This is Hokkaido (love)

Where I stayed?


函館市大手町19-13 [MAP]
TEL: 0138-23-2200
FAX: 0138-23-4757


Aqua Garden, Hakodate

19-13 Otemachi, Hakodate, Hokkaido Prefecture 040-0064, Japan
Phone:+81 138-23-2200

Very little English, but friendly staff and very willing to help. 2 min walk from the morning market. Great location. Same as any other Japanese business hotel? Nothing particular mention worthy.

Max 10min walk to the Hakodate station. (it was like 3min for me; or 7min with luggage)

1min walk from Hakodate airport bus. From bus stop to airport was 20~30min.

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  1. Beautiful shots! I’d love to visit and travel around Japan at some point, your photos always help me discover places I had never thought of 🙂

  2. I have read a couple of fiction works that take ion this period of Japanese history, very interesting .

  3. Some beautiful evening shots here Joyce. There is some amazing opening to the West Japanese history here, voluntary and forced!

    • Thank you, Denis 😀 Indeed, I found the history fascinating. Commodore Perry was an interesting military personality.

  4. What are those little worm figurines?
    And hmm seafood. I can’t wait to gorge myself on seafood.

    • LOL. It is a type of sea animal. They stick their head out of the sea bed. They’re quite popular in the Japanese aquariums for their funny look. When are you heading off to Japan? Gorging is a great idea 😉

      • I’m leaving on the 21st! For 2 weeks. Just staying on the main island – so much to see and do just in Tokyo alone. It’s my first time there but my SO’s 3rd time. 🙂

        • That is sooooo exciting~~ Please try out the Canmaker lip & cheek stain and KATE (Jap) lippie? xox look forward to your reviews 😀

  5. Beautiful place and cool photos! You just made me add Hakodate to my list of places I want to visit someday. The bay area looks worth of wandering around. 🙂

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