Take my breath away already! This park was AMAZING. Impeccably trimmed and a sheer Japanese beauty in the botanical form. Think lake, zen garden, bridge, koi fish, bonzai, boxed grown trees, Japanese tea house overseeing the lake…

This beauty was categorised as National Special Scenic Beauty, it was the largest one in Japan. The garden was commissioned back in Edo period, 1625. It took about 100 years to complete; completed in 1745. It was a 3 star according to the Michelin Green guide. Unlike most 3 star destinations, this one was NOT crowded at all; as you can see from my photos, there was hardly anyone. Been there in autumn and summer time… no body LOL.


The tea houes, Kikugetsu-tei, served traditional Japanese sweet and green tea (no reservation required).

Kikugetsu-tei also servedtraditional lunch (MUST reserve in advance). The tea house was a permanent structure, but the food part was a SEASONAL service only. I had inserted the menu for reference. Click to enlarge to see the menu (in Japanese only, but I think the photo is clear on what you’ll get). The photo with the boat was taken from inside the tea house while I was stuffing my face LOL. I had no idea what I was eating. It was a sweet nut paste thing? It tasted great and I didn’t care less. JPY700 includes both green tea and sweet :9




This serene national park also had cultural exhibition, some were permanent and others were seasonal.

Takamatsu Ritsurin -21

Takamatsu Ritsurin -22

Of course, my Japan travel life is never complete without the stamp rally 😀

Takamatsu Ritsurin -64

Takamatsu Ritsurin -43

Boat ride was a separate charge!!! Check the schedule asap you get into the park. You must show up at least 10min before departure time. The photo on the above right was an example of their schedule. It was near the entrance.

**At the entrance there’s also an audio tour machine for rental, well worth it.

NB: MOSQUITOES were a SERIOUS problem. Be prepared!!!!


How to get here?

Ritsurin park – Takamatsu, Japan 栗林公園

Official site: http://ritsuringarden.jp/jp/ ==> It does have English!!!

Entrance: JPY 410

From JR Takamatsu – 35min walk / 10min by bus

From Ritsurin Station – 20min walk

From JR Ritsurin Koen Kitaguchi Station – 5min walk

From Kotoden Ritsurin Koen Mae Bus Stop – within 1min? It is within my poor eye sight.


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  1. Beautiful pictures!! I admire gardeners who put great effort in keep the park nice and neat!

  2. This is fiction, right? A place like that doesn’t exist. It is too beautiful to be true. No…noo… You tell us bed time stories… I have to go there in this life 🙂

  3. Shih-Ya Huang Reply

    Will definitely recommended to my brother and my sister-in-law if they travel to Japan next time.

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