Cape of Agulhas is the REAL southern tip of Africa where the 2 oceans meet – Indian ocean and Atlantic ocean. This place is approximately 3 hours drive from Cape Town.

Why such an odd piece from me? Well, I overheard tour guides offering the wrong information. The Cape of Good Hope is NOT the southern most tip of Africa. Cape of Good Hope is a peninsula, 45min drive from Cape Town. It is an UNSPOILED wild fauna land; a wild wild national park. Crazy view by the cliff, unique African fauna, WIDE WIDE wild plains with no buildings in sight… Although Cape of Good Hope is NOT the southern most tip of Africa, it obviously does have lots of merits and worth a visit.


Anyways, Cape Agulhas is a tiny town with little tourism development and very sparse establishments. When you arrive, all you’ll see is the ‘monument’ (above photo), a light house and the massively empty beach (do NOT swim here, will die for sure). Whereas the area relatively near Cape of Good Hope has a lot more restaurants and some souvenir shops.


Cape Agulhas is part of the Garden Route along the east coast. It is a good stop for anyone who is doing the Garden Route.


Cape of Good Hope is a good partner with Boulders Beach (African penguins) / Table Mountain trip.


How to get here?

Cape Agulhas – Western Cape, South Africa

Drive along onto the N2 from Cape Town and switch over to R316. There will be a road sign pointing to ‘Cape Agulhas’ or sometimes known as Cape L’Agulhas.

*South African public transport is really not that hot, I highly recommend that you do DIY driving.


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  1. Very nice post! I’ve been to South Africa just a few months ago and can’t wait to go back. Especially when writing about the journey on my blog, I always have to think back of amazing places like the amazing coast 🙂

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