Recovering from Christmas blues. Step one is to admit that the fabulous festive season is over 🙁

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2015 was my first London Christmas 🙂 Bestie came over to visit 🙂 Fabulously, we spent most of our time watching Kungfu Panda (2 seasons worth). Our top tourist effort was Winter Wonderland. Problem was neither of us was a fan of the crowd. So we mainly went there for street food and basically just to do something that was sufficiently touristy enough to worth her 12 hours of flying. Did our walk around and dashed for a quiet restaurant there after.


The Wonderland, I must say, was impressively… crowded -_-: Here are my photos highlights 🙂

How to get here?

Sorry for my late post, but Winter Wonderland is over (20th Nov 2015 – 3rd Jan 2016). Next year folks 😀


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