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Cinnamon show – Puroland, Japan

This was the reason why my husband was glad that my ex went with me to Puroland…… In fact, he even told me to keep my Hello Kitty photo together with my ex. He thought that I looked lovely with Kitty (+ex)?!?!? Clearly my hubby does not want to go at all. How many husbands out there will compliment a photo with wife’s ex AND encourage to keep the photo? One desperate husband lol. What’s wrong with Puroland? The shows were cute. In fact everything was cute and largely pink. How to get there? Keio Tama Center station Direct train from Yokohama – 1 hour-ish 1 change from Shinjuku (Tokyo) – just under an hour   Please be a sweetheart & follow one of my social media xox Bloglovin’ / Google+ / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest

Ryukyu traditions relived – Okinawa, Japan

Ryukyu was the old version word for Okinawa. This theme park recreated the times of Ryuku kingdom, a cultural type of theme park. It was small, so 2-3 hours was suffice, unless you decide to make your own pottery, glass or other local hand craft. The park was very Japanese, not much English happens here. Well, I was there in April, off peak. The staff were incredibly friendly and very proactive in welcoming guests. Warm and fuzzy feeling sort of theme park 🙂