Sharing shopping spots and brands that I love 😀 Here are my picks.

Chemist warehouse

This MEGA drug store is INSANE!!! Below is a short clip.

Any supplement that you can think of is here. It can be for happiness, pre-pregnancy, attitude balancing (?!?!) etc. Has anyone seen that much drugs / supplements in their life? The prices are low too. Tons of Aussie skin care (and international brand). O, and they sell sunscreen by liters!! LOL That says a lot about Australia 😉


Stashy, I thought of you when I visited this place 😉




It claims to be the largest shopping in the Southern Hemisphere LOL Sao Paulo has a way bigger one (leasable space alone is 247k sqm). Honestly, marketing people cracks me up. No matter, this is a massive shopping space housing TONS of local and foreign brands. Any sizable Aussie brand will be found under this roof. Lifestyle, food, stationary, fashion, massage, restaurants etc EVERYTHING. Clean toilets 😀 Important stuff for a full day of shopping action.

Chapel street

Boutique style shopping? If the weather is good, this is a fab street to do fashion shopping.


Queen Victoria Market

Fresh seafood combo with thrift shopping. What else can I ask for? All souvenirs can be found here 😉

Aussie brands that I love

Tiger Lily swimwear – I LOVE their mix of Oceanic / Bohemian prints. Lots of attention to details too. Totally in love with this brand. Bikini is not something that I buy every year, but their swimwear is just too amazing to miss out on. The first time that I came across this brand was by reading Ellen’s blog.Sharing some of my OCD~~

Country Road – got that high quality feeling without being outrageously expensive? Aussie version of Marks & Spencer

Sports girl – happy clothing? Fun prints and the shops are very cheerful somehow. Price point is similar to Zara. Love to buy stuff everytime… but never found my size 🙁


Cotton on – has FAB beach goodies and affordable casual items. Sort of Primark-ish but more cheerful? My top last minute needed clothing choice.



O and my FAVOURITE chips & Australian Afternoon tea LOL


Arnott’s Tim Tam is a MUST for any person visiting Australia. This cheap, evil delight is just… so good LOL



Where was I?

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Camera: Canon 5D mark 3, Sony Z3+


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Just one more pic~~ I love them soooo much

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  1. The first picture is awesome with humongous creepy crawly moving right infant of the camera and those bikni set is so cute and I could really see the actual quality of those stunning gloves and those road long store is fabulous and I think it could fit as a day trip to stroll around it – haha!

  2. OMG, that chemist WAREHOUSE!!! *dies* *cries* Yes, I would just live there.
    How cute is that bikini from Tiger Lily?!! <3
    I've tried Tim Tams before – YUMMY.

    • Yup, I can picture that you never leaving and beg the staff to lock you in over night *LOL*

      Those Tim Tams~~ yum yum yum and so cheap too :9

  3. Love to read your interpretations of my home town Joyce.
    We have those chemist warehouses all over the suburbs, there are 2 within 5 minutes drive of my home. Very cheap.
    I used to pop over to Chadstone while Charlie was being groomed, just poke around but probably not in the stores you checked out/ Hugo Boss was my first stop.
    Chapel st is a bit dead these days, it was much more lively about 5 years ago. High st Armadale is interesting now
    Did you drink a coffee through a Tim Tam like the Aussies do?

    • *LOL* Really? Is my interpretation weird? haha 😀

      I eat Tim Tam with my black tea haha I don’t drink coffee at all. Do you like Tim Tam too? The original flavour is the best. All those crazy ones that they came up with just isn’t as great.

      I am bias on Chapel street 😛 It’s the nostalgic touch. I use to stay near there for business trips. It was super convenient for me.

      Well, I live in Paris, luxury shopping overseas isn’t my thing 😛

  4. You’ve got all my favourites listed here!
    Stashy would love Chemist Warehouse hahaha.
    I love Sportsgirl especially as they often lean towards a bohemian style..but I find Zara much more affordable and better quality 🙂

  5. I WISH we had a drug store like that. We only get pharmacies, small/modest-sized shops that almost always never have what I need and needs to be ordered (for pick-up later).

    • Or perhaps it is better that you don’t have such a magic store near you? Can you imagine the mass destruction to your bank account? 😛

      • Thankfully for medications it’s no problem as they’re deducted (even prescriptions for our dogs!) when filing taxes! My husband makes me save every receipt (even for aspirin) 😆

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