Korakuen – Okayama, Japan

This garden is another member of 日本三名園 Nihon Sanmeien, Three Great Gardens of Japan. The other 2 gardens are: Kairakuen of Mito and Kenrokuen of Kanazawa. Unlike my epic weather failed Kairakuen visit, this time, it was only cloudy and did not rain. LOL Celebration! hahaThis beautiful park was a 25min stroll from the Okayama station. Simply beautiful.

Can see the Okayama castle in a distance. This was my view from my lunch spot 😀

I actually did this as a stop over thing. I really did not want to spend lunch time in the train. What’s not to like about spending lunch time in a beautiful park? So glad that I did it 😀 I did not feed the beer to the Koi fishes, but they’re very attracted to it LOL


Inside the park there’re snacks / small eat shops. Any hungry person can just waltz into the park and have a great time without any prep 😉

Where was I?

Okayama Korakuen Garden

1-5 Korakuen, Kita Ward, Okayama, Okayama Prefecture 703-8257, Japan

Official site: http://www.okayama-korakuen.jp/english/

Entrance fee: JPY400 / adult

My favourite garden in Japan? Ritsurin, Takamatsu


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  1. Wow! Love those amazing pictures and what a wonderful place!

  2. The openness of this garden makes it a different experience.

  3. Beautiful images and story Joyce, you keep reminding me I have seen so little of Japan, only done Kenrokuen and it was magical, how is your draft of the Real guide to Japan going?

    • Thank you for being such a regular, Denis 😀 Don’t say that, I’m sure you’ve been to a bunch that I haven’t even thought of.

      RE: real guide to Japan – I remember your comment back then and started to do some research on how to write guide books and things. I’m still at the planning phrase. Once I got some pages together, you’ll be the first to know and you’ll be tagged 😉

  4. Your pictures are wonderful! The park looks so peaceful and serene.

  5. I’ve been to Kenrokuen of Kanazawa! Japanese gardens are almost surreal… I felt like a human miniature among all the perfectly manicured lawns and trees.
    Hmm the fish must have had a taste of beer before, hence the attraction! 😆

  6. Beautiful photos! Looks like an amazing garden.

  7. It looks like a fairy tale! I hope some day to visit it.

    • Hey! Good to see your comment. Which reminds me that I need to catch up on your blog. Fingers crossed that internet man is coming tomorrow. (I’m still at ‘borrowed’ wifi)

      This garden is a beauty indeed. It’s easy access and a pleasant city stroll from the Okayama station 😀

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