Chemin du Bassin Bleu, Guadeloupe

Another easy to reach wild swim spot located in Basse Terre. The path to Bassin Bleu is not flip flop easy like Cascade de Ecrevisses, but it is still a fairly flat path. It is deep enough to do a jump 😉

Entrance to Chemin du Bassin Bleu

Chemin du Bassin Bleu. This is the entrance. It is hard to miss 😉

The drive to Chemin du Bassin Bleu is a difficult drive. Lot of S-curves and the road is narrow (1.5 cars wide). I suppose, that’s a common trait of Basse Terre. Anyways, the drive is well worth it.

Chemin du Bassin Bleu

For the first 5 min, the path is mega easy. It feels like I am about to enter another world. The trees are dense and the place is super quiet.

We met a local swimming there. He told us that the water was fresh but not cold. Ever since the previous local recommended to hike in flip flops for cascade d’Acomat (Acomat waterfall), I have concluded that locals are usually statement of endurance and hence not be be trusted.


The water was clear and the place is a bit of a paradise, but it was COLD.

Based on these photos, does this look like a “flip flop” hike?


I didn’t do any colour adjustment, the water is really turquoise blue like the photo.




Type: Forest

Terrain: Rocky

Difficulty: Easy

Duration (return): 20min

Distance (return): 2km

Gear suggestion: swimming suit / bikini, towel, 500ml water, shoes with good grip or made for rocky terrain


Where is this place?

Le Bassin Bleu


Basse Terre 97113



Camera: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

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  1. I guess coldness of water is all relative haha. Glad you trusted your own instincts though! I can’t believe they recommended to hike in flip flops, geez.

    • Ja, I suppose, it is all relative. Seriously, many locals that I’ve met can do hikes in flip flops. It was like witnessing superhuman LOL

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