Another easy to reach wild swim spot located in Basse Terre. The path to Bassin Bleu is not flip flop easy like Cascade de Ecrevisses, but it is still a fairly flat path. It is deep enough to do a jump 😉

Entrance to Chemin du Bassin Bleu
Chemin du Bassin Bleu. This is the entrance. It is hard to miss 😉

The drive to Chemin du Bassin Bleu is a difficult drive. Lot of S-curves and the road is narrow (1.5 cars wide). I suppose, that’s a common trait of Basse Terre. Anyways, the drive is well worth it.

Chemin du Bassin Bleu
For the first 5 min, the path is mega easy. It feels like I am about to enter another world. The trees are dense and the place is super quiet.

We met a local swimming there. He told us that the water was fresh but not cold. Ever since the previous local recommended to hike in flip flops for cascade d’Acomat (Acomat waterfall), I have concluded that locals are usually statement of endurance and hence not be be trusted.


The water was clear and the place is a bit of a paradise, but it was COLD.

Based on these photos, does this look like a “flip flop” hike?


I didn’t do any colour adjustment, the water is really turquoise blue like the photo.




Type: Forest

Terrain: Rocky

Difficulty: Easy

Duration (return): 20min

Distance (return): 2km

Gear suggestion: swimming suit / bikini, towel, 500ml water, shoes with good grip or made for rocky terrain


Where is this place?

Le Bassin Bleu


Basse Terre 97113



Camera: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

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  1. I guess coldness of water is all relative haha. Glad you trusted your own instincts though! I can’t believe they recommended to hike in flip flops, geez.

    • Ja, I suppose, it is all relative. Seriously, many locals that I’ve met can do hikes in flip flops. It was like witnessing superhuman LOL

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