Gosier coastal path is a medium level hiking trail, theoretically, it supposed to take 3 hours (return). I’m a clumsy hiker, so it took me closer to 4.5 hours. Here is what to expect from this hike.


There are 2 starting points, I started off from Petit-Havre beach and ended at La Saline.

Le Plage de Petit-Havre, Gossier
I highly recommend arriving at the beach before 8h00. The sun is BLAZING by 10h00. O, also this beach is super popular, after 10h00 it is difficult to find parking. **Alternative parking is at the beach next door, St Jacque. Huge waves and boulder, so there’s no one there. 10min paved road walk to Petit-Havre beach

Entrance is to the left of this restaurant. There is no sign, but the path is obvious.


I am not sure if this was a viewing point, but I think the view was stunning!!!

Petit Havre, Gosier, Guadeloupe
Yup, this beach is Petit Havre. It really is a stunning beach from the ground level and up.

The beginning bits was quite easy; a steady climb, but nothing rocky.

Gosier coastal hike, Guadeloupe

Gosier coastal hike, Guadeloupe-123324

O, tread carefully, there are a lot of hermit crabs and earth crabs. I came across at least 10? Basically, whenever you see a shell in the middle of nowhere, don’t step on it. For instance, look at this hermit’s camouflage… it really isn’t that er… skillful.

Gossier coastal hike, Guadeloupe
I found him in the middle of the path. The moment I leaned close to it, it pretended to be a shell. *LOL*

The earth crab, however, will flee asap.


Anyways, onto the harder part. Be prepared to use your hands. Part of the path was almost vertical. Like, 70+ degrees? There’s no rope, so if you’re scared o height or rock climbing etc, it is better to not do this hike.


In any case, this is as hard as it got. This hike did wear me out before we reached Le Saline. It felt like 3 rounds of ascend and descend? I guess I lack the endurance.


O, watch out for strange plants with stingers and wasp.

Gosier coastal hike, Guadeloupe (5 of 5)
I don’t know if you can see this, but it has orange spikes on the leaves.
Gosier coastal hike, Guadeloupe-135957
New nest…. of wasps



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Type: Coastal

Terrain: Hilly

Difficulty: Medium

Time: 3 hours (return) **This is the official suggested time. It took me closer  4.5 hours

Distance: Around 3.2 km

Gear suggestion: Hiking shoes are essential, mosquitoes repellent, 1.5L water per person, snack bar



Where was this hike?

Starting point: La plage de Petit-Havre (beach)

**It is possible to start from La plage de La Saline

The path doesn’t have a label or sign, but it is next to the restaurant on the beach LOL

Saint Félix, which is part of Le Gosier 😉 Grande Terre, Guadeloupe


Camera: Canon 6D, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

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  1. Gary Meyler Reply

    Hi Joyce

    Followed this trail today 21/1/23…it was quite tough because a lot of it was overgrown. Thanks a million for posting this hike which l would otherwise not have known about. Gary

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