I have used it for over 13 months; bought it in November 2016. Here’s my finding, brief description of what the machine does and consideration before purchase is included. Bare face macro / close up photos included.

Don’t feel like reading? Here’s a video version. Else, please scroll down.


Talika Light Duo+ (aka Talika Light Duo Plus)

3rd generation

Beauty device type

Photo therapy tech, external use (with or without direct contact)



The machine comes with 3 settings. Each performs a different function.

Green light – lighten pigmentation

Orange light – firming, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, induce collagen production

Red light – reduce inflammation, reduce redness



This is based on my 13 months continuous use. I have taken a 1 month break to see if there’s “rebound” / adverse effect from stopping.

Green light – lighten pigmentation

It works. Period.

I saw some of my melasma faded within the first 3 months of use. After around 6 months’ use, my melasma reduced in size AND the colour faded enough that I no longer need to colour correct.

bare face closed up-8170
Photo taken July 2017. Bare face, of course. This photo is from my old beauty post. I had no plan to do a full review on the Talika when I bought it. So this is one of the clearer before photo that I can find. Look at the size and the blue tint in my pigmentation. Besides my pigmentation, you can also still spot a mild dent near my eyes (at this stage, my dent is already almost gone). **Please ignore the dry patch.
March 2018. Bare face, just woke up. I still have some melasma and freckles. They’re less purple and lighter now. The freckles very near my left eyes are almost invisible. I don’t know if my photos does the before and after justice.

Orange light – anti ageing

It works, but VERY slowly.

ZERO noticeable action in the first 6 months. Yup. Towards the end of 7th months’ use, I noticed that my “dents” near my under eyes were reduced / almost gone. The indentation near my eyes were causing me mass panic. So relieved that they are gone. Those dents made me look so tired and I hate having to add yellow corrector. I am only 35, those dents freaked me out! Refer to my video for another fabulous TMI close up, where I show how my skin pumped up.

I am too chicken to get fillers or any injections, though I think my friends look bloody fantastic with their injections. Just way happy to have something that worked for me without injections.

Red light – reduce inflammation

I have only used this function twice. No comment from me. I don’t think I have sufficient experience with this function to comment.


Consideration before purchase

1. Patience

If you cannot stick to using the machine EVERY day, my advise is don’t buy it. I don’t think the machine will work so well if you go on a “on and off” use. Secondly, like I said, for me it took months to see results. Are you in for this type of commitment?


Green (pigmentation) – 1 minute in the morning, 1 minute at night

Orange (anti-ageing) – 45 sec at night

2. How many function(s) will you use?

Talika has released new devices where you can buy each function independently. At the moment, from Talika France’s site, they’re selling the anti ageing for EUR89 and the anti inflammation for EUR75. If you’ll only use one function, buying them individually will make more sense. At the moment, the Talika Light Duo+ is EUR199 on the French official site.

3. Serum / skincare expense

If you normally use serums as part of your skincare routine, this machine may potentially save you lots of money. For example, most 30+ related serums are EUR80+ every 3-4 months. That’s EUR300 a year. So if you’re into any serum or speciality (e.g. anti ageing, firming, pigmentation etc) cream, this machine is value for money.

The whole of last year, the skin care products that I used were from a basic hyrdration range:

  • Clarins hydra essential serum
  • Clarins hydra essential gel ==> terrible stuff !#$!%!% worst thing ever, it causes eraser like flakes all over my face
  • Clarins hydra essential silky cream
  • Sunscreen SPF30 to SPF50 PA++ or higher – Muji, Etude House, Sofina, Uriage), the point is, I use sunscreen everyday and I go through that stuff quickly
  • Clarins lotus oil *night routine
  • Estee Lauder advance night repair eye cream *night routine – this product does have anti-ageing claims, but the area that I use this isn’t related to the problem areas

4. Prolong IPL treatment

For people who’ve had their IPL around 2-3 years ago, this machine is a good option for extending the IPL treatment effect. Those of us who has done IPL before know that the effect doesn’t last forever. If only I knew about this machine earlier, then I wouldn’t have to suffer through all my melasma / hyperpigmentation resurfacing 🙁


**update 18/3/2018

Went to City Pharma ( Paris ) with a visiting friend yesterday, the machine was priced at EUR188 and they give a bunch of free samples. The price is even cheaper than Talika’s official site! City Pharma is that “magic” pharmacy where all the locals go to stock up on French pharmacy brand skincare. I have mentioned this place in a previous post.



I bought it. My experience. My opinion.

For more detailed info of my skin type and issues – click here.


Have you tried this before? How did it go for you?

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  1. Hello, do you still have talika duo? Can you please tell me which charger I should use? Because I loose mine and I don’t know which one to buy now, thank you so much!

  2. I’ve been so intiqued by this device ever since you raved about it on the blog!
    Your photos do not lie! The green light really helped to improve the pigmentation! (Now, I “cheated” since I got IPL but I’m pleased with the results – it’s only been about 1.5 yrs so far)
    How close near your eyes can you use this? And I’m not sure I comprehend what “dent” you’re referring to… eye bags? I don’t see it…
    Would the red light help with skin redness? I’ve noticed this winter that my cheeks and around my nose have been more red than normal.
    That’s a good analysis about the Talika potentially saving money by replacing pricey skincare.
    Off to watch your video…

    • That green and orange light were such winners! I already told all my friends about this machine. Soooo good. You didn’t cheat, I had IPL (and lazer a long time ago) It just that I thought I give home alternatives a try?

      I used the machine on my eyes (closed) and within 3cm. I had pigmentation on my eyes. Those small specks are 100% gone now and I couldn’t find a clear shot of before and after 🙁

      It’s not eye bags~~ I saw that you understood me after you watched my youtube. I have no idea what the indentation is called.

      Seriously, I’ve only ever used the red light twice. Might as well say I’ve never used it? I don’t know how well it works. The red light is supposed to reduce redness. I don’t have that much happening on my face. If the other 2 lights are any indication, it probably works too. I have no idea how long it will take though.

      xox thank you for always being support hugs

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