A freebie France only experience. This museum is run by Fragonard. This brand is well known in France but almost unheard of overseas. Fragonard doesn’t advertise. They’re well known here because they’ve been around since 1926.

perfume-museum-musee-parfum-paris-fragonard-6424.JPGThey offer a free guided tour in French, English and Japanese (maybe more?). Small groups tour too, less than 10 people at a time. It is really quite a wonderful intimate experience. The tour lasts about 30min.perfume-museum-musee-parfum-paris-fragonard-6383The guide does an informative talk on the history of fragrance and various relics. My favourite is when we go through how fragrance is made and the interactive game of guessing a fragrance composition. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

Pre-industrialisation, perfumers needed to manually turn the flowers over daily to get the scent fully absorbed by the fat.
Person who creates fragrance is known as “The Nose”. This photo shows an orchestra. This is what the full set of fragrance is called.

Fun facts that I remember from the tour:

  • Capital of fragrance: Grasse, France
  • Most expensive flower for fragrance: Iris
  • Enemy of fragrance: light, air and heat
  • Fragrances sold in store have high price due to heavy marketing spending (e.g. expect more than 80% of selling price)
  • Fragonard bottles are patented, uniquely designed to preserve the fragrance Their golden bottle insulate the fragrance from light completely, air tight and resistant to temperature change.
  • The average fragrance (glass bottles) can lasts 2-3 years; Fragonard perfume can stay fresh in its bottle for 8 years.
  • Cologne is a measly 5% concentration ===> aka sorry, Jo Malone is really a low quality, over priced brand.**the guide didn’t name Jo Malone, but asap she talks about concentration, that’s the first thing that comes in mind. *sigh* I feel bad for owning 3 Jo Malone.
  • Egyptians were the first people to use fragrance.
  • All flowers are still hand picked today. Except lavender.
  • Only lavender is hardy enough to be harvested by machines.


Information quoted from museum’s official site: Ring flask in opaque white glass (opal) featuring a mount forming a repoussé and chiseled gold cabochon on a guilloché base adorned with turquoise and a central, rose-cut diamond. The upper part of the cabochon comprises a hinged cap, through which the perfume was poured. Attributed to the workshop of F. Egermann. Czech Republic, 19th century

Like all free tours, of course they close with shopping. It is nothing offensive and can walk away easily. It was a very open setting sort of a store. This is one of the best museum / shopping combo that I’ve tried out.perfume-museum-musee-parfum-paris-fragonard-6473.JPGTheir prices are incredibly low because they own their factory, plus, they don’t advertise. E.g. 120ml parfum is EUR59!


  • The entrance to the museum is at the back of the building. The most visible entrance is only for their shop.
  • Don’t wear any fragrance of your own before the visit. Their perfume means business and it lasts for 24-48 hours (plus survives shower).
  • Don’t be shy to asks fellow tourists buy the bulk pack to split with you. Saves around 30% and there’s free gift. It’s a win win.
  • The inside of the museum is quite dim, I’d imagine phone cameras will not cut it.

perfume-museum-musee-parfum-paris-fragonard-6468The museum offers various paid tours as well. Example, they have a perfumer apprentice experience every Saturday. This is a 90min class and one gets to create an unique personalised cologne (100ml), pouch for protecting your fragrance, an apron and a diploma. This requires advance booking. The class is offered in either French or English and costs EUR95. For more information visit their official site. I have not tried any of their paid tours. If you’ve done them, please do share your experience in the comments below 😀perfume-museum-musee-parfum-paris-fragonard-6434

Where is this?

Musée du parfum Fragonard

3-5 square Louis Jouvet, 75009 Paris


Free entry!



Nearest Métro station?

Opera (Line 3, Line 7, Line 8)
Chausée d’Antin La Fayette (Line 7, Line 9)
Auber on RER line A (Red)



**There is another perfume museum in Paris, Le Grand Musée du Parfum. Post for another time 😉


No affiliated link. I do not work with Fragonard in any capacity.

Camera: Canon 5D mark iii, Sony Z3+

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  1. Oooooooh, definitely want to visit this place next time I am in Paris!!!

  2. They have a similar outlet in Grasse. Huge museum attached to a shop with wonderful views down to the coast at Cannes. I love their stuff and, like you say, it isn’t sooo expensive.

    • Thank you for dropping by, Sarah. Sorry for the late reply, somehow your comment landed up in spam. I will love to visit Grasse one day. Pilgrimage to the capital of perfume!!1 😀

  3. Those bottles are works of art! 😮
    So cool this is a freebie tour too.
    Yeah… fragrance marketing is insane! Esepecially the celebrity endorsement.
    Oh no, based on the shelf life guidelines, I have some expired perfumes…
    I don’t own any Jo Malone but I’m always tempted! Which 3 scents of JM do you own?
    Did you end up buying anything there?

    • Wahaha I am sure if the smell isn’t funny, you’ll be fine 😉

      My Jo Malones are: Jasmine & Mint, French Lime Blossom. The Blackberry & Bay *not yet opened, hoarding as usual 😛

      I didn’t buy anything on this trip, because I’m on no buy >_< But I’ll love to get Belle de Nuit for me (love)

      • I don’t recall if I’ve smelled any of those JM scents. I’ll have to make a point to!

  4. This is my kind of place and who does not love perfume, isn’t it? Apparently, those pictures are very colourful and could see the vintage collection of artistic perfume collection all throughout and free entry is another bonus point too

    • Thank you for dropping by, Sangeetha 😀 xox

      Those vintage collections looked amazing! The lighting was very difficult. They looked better in real life.

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