Under 4000 people commune in Loire Atlantique,  western France. Yes, it’s small. It’s like walking in real life Beauty and the Beast though. All that classic old French town springs to life. This is a quiet town. Nothing is jumping out, but it is just so pleasant to stroll around. Fantastic escape from city life!

angles-france-vendee-tourism-2743.JPGSeriously, my first feeling was to sing…

Little town
It’s a quiet village
Every day
Like the one before…

Die hard Disney fans, you know what I’m talking about. The place doesn’t even look real! My family told me that it is considered one of the most beautiful village in France.angles-france-vendee-tourism-4325Not much “tourism” offering in this town. What I do find fascinating are:

  • Anglais lace workshop –> quite scary, I think this handy craft may die out. **they don’t allow photos inside
  • Castle –> what’s a typical French town without one? 😛
  • Forest / river side walk
  • (probably pre 1200) Architecture – this is the typical style from the region

angles-france-vendee-tourism-2776The town does advertise a lot for this witchcraft associated cave? It is an uphill walk and me (+folks) are too lazy to get there. In our defence, we are suffering from a combination of food coma and excessive drinking.

This is the CBD… there is no body.

If there’s so little to do, why visit? Well, if you want to be the only English speaking tourist in town… or the only person in town LOL This is IT! Chill out? Fresh air? Quality family time? Inexpensive accommodation and fab French dining?

I kid you not. The place looks like it came out of a painting.
I am a serious tourist… anywhere

angles-france-vendee-tourism-2783Don’t bother with TripAdvisor for tips, they have virtually no information LOL The most informative site, must be their official site – http://tourisme.angles.fr/, and in true French spirit… only in French 😛angles-france-vendee-tourism-2787Where was I?

Angles, France


How to get there?

Driving is the only way? I don’t see any rail nearby. If you know of any public transport, please share? Thanks 😉

391km from Paris


Camera: Canon 5D mark 3

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Visit Angles with me… 1min trip


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  1. I think I should seriously consider taking unpaid leave and come visit you!

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