It’s one of the most photographed places in Japan. Is this place worth the hype? If I miss hanging around with a massive crowd, this infamous Japanese lavender wonderland is totally the fix. Farm Tomita of Furano! Lavender & flower fields galore.

My featured photo was of the less crowded moment. To be more accurate of my experience? Think more Disney on a Saturday afternoon.

Farm-Tomita-reality-check-3220.JPGFarm Tomita is the largest lavender field in Japan. So obviously, this was a “must see”. So, let’s take a look at this “top spot”.Farm-Tomita-reality-check-3225.JPGThis was anything but relaxing okay. No amount of lavender goodness will calm my mind. This was totally not what I expected from a lavender field day trip.


In short, this was a shopping more with the option of seeing lavender & flower field? Their fields were big, but come on, there were so many “houses of interests” along the path. It was just totally not a farm visit by my definition. Don’t get me wrong, their merchandise was STUNNING! Here is a sneak peak of the store. (no photos allowed, so I only had this photo of their dried floral goods)Farm-Tomita-reality-check-3205.JPG

There were lots of hard working people that were bringing their best games. Look at this couple over here and their dogs? Yes, that pram was for them. They were transported around the farm like human babies.

IG dogs in Farm Tomita


  • Lavender field is a peak season travel thing only. Crowd cannot be avoided.
  • All the shops has air con! Can totally hide in their if you get dizzy from the heat like me.
  • Face mask and/or pollen allergy medicine can be a fab idea.
  • If you only want photos of lavender and you don’t care for the “largest lavender field thing”, I highly recommend Furano Town Lavender Field. Half the crowd, twice the fun. AND it has a skii style lift 😀 I’ll talk about this one more in detail in another post 😉
nakafurano-flower-park-Municipal Lavender Garden-3144.JPG
Nakafurano Municipal Lavender Garden

Where was I?

Tomita farm

15 Go Nakafurano Kisen Kita, 空知郡中富良野町 Sorachi District, Hokkaido Prefecture 071-0704, Japan


How I got there?

Nearest JR train stop: “Lavender Farm station”

JR Furano-Biei Norokko-go train **seasonal, 2 hours ride from Saporo** Check JR official schedule


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  1. joy sta.maria Reply

    Hi Joyce, may i ask what month did you go to the Lavender field? i am planning to come last week of April and i am wondering if the flowers are in bloom already by that time. Thanks!

    • Hi, I went in July 😀 Lavender in Hokkaido is normally only around during summer months. April is time for sakura and/or plum blossom if you’re heading to Japan. Where in Japan will you be heading?

  2. Ugh, there are loads of people here who cart their dogs around like babies. It’s ridiculous.
    I think any top tourist destination is going to be crowded and not tranquil – there’s no way around it!
    I’m not a huge fan of lavender so I don’t think I’d care to see this place…

    • Joyce Belfort Reply

      Ja, I thought the whole point was to walk the dogs. I saw this in HK and CN too. It kind of abusive? Like not let them walk?

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