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My Little Box France Feb 2017

It’s that time of the month again! The box has arrived!!!my-little-box-feb-2017-france-mylittlemountainsbox.JPGI do love the pixi-ish graphic. The theme of the month is “Mountains”. How they come up with this theme? It is such an odd thing, no?my-little-box-feb-2017-france-mylittlemountainsbox-3.JPGThe usual Kanako graphic card. The drawing looked strangely more polished than her older of hygge. This is a Danish concept. The just of it is, “how to make things cosy” or “how to survive the winter”. This little booklet is all next is a mountain shaped post-it. *LOL* Useful item lifestyle products…


Composition: 77% cotton 18% Nylon 3% Elastane 2% Lurex

I must compliment MLB for their quality control effort! The socks have a lot number. I am IMPRESSED. This novelty/lifestyle box has tracibility covered. The socks is of high quality make as well. Soft touch and decent recovery. Well done, My Little Box!


High density embroidery on felt

This box is really full of fab surprises. A brooch comes in a cute tin box. The tin box has the same graphic as the outer box. Again, I LOVE it that they have lot numbers.


Lifestyle products from My Little Box Feb 2017, France


Yes, like every month. I love the bag again.

And finally, it is time to check out the beauty products…

  1. Palmer’s concentrated coco butter cream for face and hands 30g Made in USA
  2. Polaar icy magic instant eye contour energiser 10ml Made in France
  3. My Little Beauty Fresh Kiss 9.5g Made in France
  4. Laboratoires Mercurochrome peppermint essential oil 10ml *no country of origin information



Product 1 – Palmer concentrated cream. I’ve had this before. I didn’t like the smell. I didn’t like the stickiness. It was literal greasing myself; felt like buttering the pan? Arg, no.


Polaar eye cream is INTERESTING. It has a metallic roller applicator. Sensation is on the cooling side of things. No sting for me. Well, I’ve only tried it once. Nothing conclusive to say. The product name is fitting on the ‘energising’ part. LOVE trying out stuff like this.

Polaar icy magic instant eye contour energiser.JPG

My Little Beauty lip balm smells like raspberry 😀 It does not instantly moisturise. It feels very waxy and not oily enough to moisturise. It does do a good job of keeping my lips soft though. It has a mild red tint.

my-little-box-feb-2017-france-mylittlemountainsbox-16my-little-box-feb-2017-france-mylittlemountainsbox-17Not much to say about the essential oil. It’s pure peppermint essential oil. I know I’ll use it up. O, perhaps the interesting bit is that it has an expiry date printed on the label. I do appreciate details like that’s it folks! This concludes this month’s unboxing. I love this box 😀 So many surprises. How did you like yours?


If you are interested in the UK version, please visit Rachael’s 😀 post. Rachael is a British beauty blogger who has been unboxing MLB since they began!!! She does amazing photography and was my original unboxing post inspiration.


Where to get this box?

I bought this box myself. No economical benefit for me for any clicks.


my-little-box-2016-uk-collection-3653For all my previous reviews… click here


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Camera: Canon 5D mark 3




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  2. The theme of this is so well done – lots of attention to detail!
    How are they allowed to send you a product without country of origin (that peppermint oil)! 😮
    I LOVE eye creams / serums with the metallic roller ball – I tried to convince my SO to try it and he HATED it. Why?! I find it feels so soothing…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ja! Missing COO is way weird.

      *LOL* My husband hates pretty much any beauty product. It takes years of married life to get him to use a cleanser regularly. Wahahah


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