I have passed my 50th post on Japan, but still has not written anything about my favourite business hotel chain. My #1 is Super Hotel, business hotel chain. Many branches have mini-onsens and are located near the train stations. Double bed rooms starts at JPY5,500! They have special rates for 30 days+ stays. (all love from me)


super-hotel-kushiroIn my experience, each time it’s password lock for the door. The room size and the bathroom were the same. The bath towels were always bleached white. Besides the sexy Japanese toilet seats, another amazing thing was that they had 3-6 types of pillows to choose from (no. of choice varies from branch to branch). The pillow choices could get exotic. I think one of them was filled with beans?

No weird carpet smell ever. Plus buffet breakfast! AND bottomless vending machine drinks!!!! What else could a backpacker like me ask for?

Bonus? They give out FREE face masks to guests (girls only)!!!! And there are a bunch of other toiletries to choose from. Some branches have FREE bicycle rental. Oooo~~ and often when you check in/out, they offer local sweets :9

I had stayed in more than 10 different Super Hotel in Japan. All of them were consistent in cleanliness, breakfast quality and product offering (i.e. different pillows and the freebie toiletries). I am confident to recommend them.


Additional information

I do not stay at Super Hotel when I travel solo. Most dormitories charges anything between JPY1,500-3,500 a night for a bed. Although Super Hotel is fab value for money (from JPY5,500), it is not worth it for me when I travel solo.


Photos are from various Super Hotels. Click individual photo to verify which branch the photo belongs to. Well, actually, all of them look the same anyways. Consistency is their second name. lol



Where do I normally book?

Most of the time I use Rakuten – http://travel.rakuten.com/ At Rakuten they have a point system where the points can be used as money 😀

Otherwise, the official super hotel site – http://www.superhoteljapan.com/en/

For Japanese accommodation, I virtually never use any non-Japanese website.


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This room could fit up to 3 adult.

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NB: Pillow shelf photo was not taken by me. Mine was too dim. The pillow photo is from super hotel’s official website.



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  1. Through chance really in terms of being the first business hotel I stayed in, I have used Toyoko Inn business hotels about 20 times. Being a visitor and using a JR Pass, Toyoko Inns are always within a short walk of many main stations.

    These chains are really good value and very comfortable rooms. I wish we had such chains in Sydney, Australia where I come from.

    • I agree that ryokans’ hospitality has no parallel. The price is in the steep side. I am quite the miser when it comes to accomodation and transport.

      Cheapest ryokan that I could find was jpy8,500 per night exclude food (one person). Ryokan is definitely a max 2 nights thing for me. Short / splurge trips only.

  2. This sounds great. Free face mask. Bottomless drinks. I’ll remember to use this hotel chain if I go JP☺ x

  3. Did I just see a picture of your hubby passed out on the floor of the hotel? 😆
    So amazing they give out free sheet masks… although that’s kind of sexist to not give them to men!
    I *think* we almost stayed at a Super Hotel in Kanazawa (I think?). I remember we saw a listing that was really well priced, good location, and lots of positive reviews. I think SO was mostly put off by the room sizes.

    • Well spotted, Stashy! He was posing actually. For some reason, we thought this pose will help to put the room size in perspective ????

      Hm… I doubt that they would stop the men from taking the mask though. They left that tray by the reception. No one was there to watch who or how many the guests would grab.

      Okay, their rooms are pretty small. For Japan, their room size is pretty normal comparing with other business hotels like Comfort hotel, Washington hotel, Dormy Inn etc Ja, you can try them out next time. They really do deserve those high ratings.

    • Hm… it’ll probably be the easiest if you come to visit me in Paris and then we fly together? 😛

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