Food porn alert. Beautiful local food from the middle of no where. If you visit Vannes, be sure to check this place out. Found this place north of Vannes in Brittany. So worth the 15min drive to no where. Crazy talented husband and wife team (just the 2 of them). They only use local ingredients and that includes even their flour. AMAZING food and service.

I love this entrance. It feels kind of magical? I don’t know, it has a Alice in Wonderland kind of feeling to it.
Aperitif snacks. It was served without us ordering anything.
There was only ONE waitron aka the husband. He did a fine job at making the experience personal and pleasant. Perfect presentation and eloquent silver service style waitering skills.

Their galette is no kidding serious. It was light and crispy. I could literately hear the galette breaking off when I cut into it. What an amazing texture and buckwheat flavour without dryness!La Metairie de Kerozer Creperie Review-6116.JPGThat St Jacque (scallop) was spellbinding! It was succulent, moist and flavoursome. What else can anyone ask for?La Metairie de Kerozer Creperie Review-6106.JPG

This scallop was definitely solo portrait worthy!
I forgot the dish name. Sorry.
Andouille de Guémené
Andouille Guémené, egg, cheese and mushroom
Chèvre et noix

They have ruined galette for me. Where else am I supposed to find such amazeball crepe?!?!?!? Sorry to my dear old No. 1 spot, La Creperie of 1 Taojiang Rd Xuhui Qu Shanghai 200031, you have just been replaced permanently.


The interior of the restaurant was super cozy.



NB!!! No reservation means no food. Call or email before hand.


Where was I?

La Metairie de Kerozer Creperie

Allée de Kérozer • 56890 Saint-Avé, France


La Metairie de Kerozer Creperie Review-6152.JPG
We ate for a while… the daylight was gone

This was a treat from papa.


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  1. Wow! Those crepes look like unfolded brandy snaps and the display of doors and windows looks extremely magical and the food looks fab

  2. Your photos of the food are especially inviting in this post. I think it’s the warmth of the wooden table. I’ve never heard of, or tried a galette. Now I’m going to find out if any places in Toronto offers it on their menu! (I just did a quick search and all results are for crepes!)

    • Thanks, Stashy ???? o, I’ve noticed that a lot of restaurants outside of France labels theirs as crepes. You can give them a call to check. If they use buckwheat for their “crepes”, they’re actually galettes ????

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