“To succeed in life, you must have the courage to be hated.”

Paulo Coelho

Crazy lunatics have really won big in 2016, perhaps being radical and loathed isn’t so bad after all?


As I got older, I care a lot less about what other think of me. I still remember well how needy I was in my early 20’s. So glad that it is now over. People will judge either way. Besides, there’s so much shit going on in life. If people have time to give a shit about me, great! I am honoured.


How about you? What do you think of the concept of ‘being hated’?


Featured photo: Eacham lake, Queensland, Australia. More information: Chasing waterfalls, Cairns


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  1. I don’t think this qoute at any point is about giving shit to people,who just love to judge you..
    All its means is that the price of success a true success is just to survive damn days of being hated!!
    Still happy for you toget used to people anyway.

  2. I don’t know why people get sad over turning 30. I am happier now than in my early 20s. I’m sure I’ll be happier still when I get older and care even less about what others think of me. Not that it’s a license to be a jerk, but I’m less weighed down by external factors in my decisions and general conduct. I think to evoke THAT much feeling from other people (hatred is so strong), just means that I’m no wallflower and making an impact. That said, I hope those people who hate me will look inwardly to question what it is about themselves that make them hate someone as lovely as me! <3 😉

  3. I love Paulo 🙂 but I think that if we think about “being hated”
    we will
    I don’t like this quote
    because it has the word “hate” in it
    you know what I mean …
    Like always will attract like
    I mean really who cares
    courage is just being You xo and That’s beautiful xo

    • I see what you mean. hahaha I don’t know, sometimes hate also brings people together. 2016 looked like hate won big. Totally agree that courage just to be oneself is the most important and beautiful. xox

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