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My Little Box France January 2017

Yey! First box of the year has arrived! And it is technically not a box. Let’s unbag 😉my-little-box-jan-2017-my-little-fresh-start-box-france-2745I LOVE those mini draw strings bags that I get monthly. This month’s one is just big and better 😀 It will certainly be put into good use for organising my format is very different from last year’s. The dates and days are not marked. The format is made for weekly entries and the diary features some ‘to do lists’ and ‘do not forget box’. hm… I prefer last year’s 😛

There are 5 tip/inspiration  cards. The most interesting one is the ‘ikigai’生き甲斐 (reason for being) card.  I love these type of old Japanese concepts (another one that I love is ichigo ichie)my-little-box-jan-2017-my-little-fresh-start-box-france-2775The snood is too cute. It’s polyester, super light weight. 2 colour AOP screen print. Paris is snowing today, so clearly I’ll have to wait a bit before putting this to good use. 180cm circumference by 90 in width.

Beauty products this months are:

  • My Little Beauty Boost Yourself revitalizing body cream 100ml
  • Merci Handy Holy Mint Toothpaste 50ml
  • Benefit Porefessional 7.5ml
  • Qiriness Wrap Radiant Eye Contour Mask x 1

my-little-box-jan-2017-my-little-fresh-start-box-france-2753I have deadly dry skin, but don’t use any body lotion *LOL* So this My Little Beauty Boost Yourself will land up in my stash along my 10 other body lotions. There is VERY little fragrance going on with this one. Can hardly smell it. Very faint floral smell? Now, the interesting thing about this lotion is that it is made in Belgium! If I remember correctly, this is the first My Little Beauty product that’s not made in France.


Toothpaste is the perfect travel size! Less than 100ml, carry-on luggage safe. Will take this with me for my Feb trip.


Porefessional is all over Youtube as being the holy grail. I guess I can finally test it out. I don’t believe in primers in general. To me if a foundation needs a primer to work, that foundation suck, period 😛


This eye mask is made in Korea! I have never heard of this brand before. Qiriness? How do you pronounce that *LOL* Anyway, this thing is loaded with glycerine, dose of caffeine and mica. Well, at least I know that this mask will make the eye area super smooth.


That’s it! This concludes this month’s unboxing! I like this box 😀 How about you? Anything different in your box?my-little-box-jan-2017-my-little-fresh-start-box-france-2748Where to get this box?

I bought this box myself. No economical benefit for me for any clicks.

**this is the French MLB

my-little-box-2016-uk-collection-3653For all my previous reviews… click here


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Camera: Canon 5D mark 3


  1. come on
    do they send this to Canada >
    do u know little twin stars ….
    i still love them xo
    can’t wait to record ur sweet self …
    MUAH xo

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  2. The snood is cute! And omg how BIG is that lens on your camera?!
    And tsk tsk… I’ll never understand how anyone doesn’t use body lotion! Especially when you have dry skin! Get to it! Make it a daily routine.

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