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Disappearing path of Grand Bé, France

That ‘disappearing’ path thing is not unique to Mount St Michel in France. Here in St Malo, the ‘island’ is a lot smaller and there are no hotels/restaurants on it… there’s no body on it. Fond memories of my drunken travel in France.


After considerable amount of alcohol, the whole family decided to go for a walk. Where else but the beautiful St. Malo beach, huh? What a splendid idea! That islet look close, let’s walk there and have a look…


View from St. Malo side.

We arrived on Grand Bé quite okay. Hey, why was the path disappearing?


The view of St Malo city from Grand Bé

Within seconds…


You can tell that this story won’t end well, right? No worries, I’m a good swimmer.

Like I said, fond memories 😀 Whenever I think of this, it always put a smile to my face. I hope it makes you chuckle too.grand-be-st-malo-1988Where was I?

Ile du Grand Bé, Brittany, France

Official tourism board: (has English)


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