Conan Museum – Tottori, Japan

Welcome to Yura, aka Conan stop! Located in 北栄町, Hokuei-chō. Another themed up JR stop in the Tottori prefecture. Prepared to do THE Conan manga pilgrimage… Conan Museum *Gosho Aoyama manga factory


The town was filled with ‘markers’. My husband posed with all the sculptures (12) & tablets (30) found in town. ‘I don’t know this guy’ feeling ran strong. For my hubby’s dignity, I will not post ALL the photos 😛 Use your imagination. He memed them all -_- it was a very rough day.

To be fair, my hubby was way better at posing than me.

Basically, any person went around to see all Conan sculptures and tablets would have covered the entire town (北栄町, Hokuei-chō). To keep track of it all. I highly recommend the Conan Tori guide book, JPY200 each. conan-tori-guide-book-0001.jpg

The guide had 22 colour printed pages. It had maps of where all the spots of interest were. It has… STAMP RALLY!!! haha This guidebook was available for sale right next to the JR Yura station. The guy there spoke some English too. There were 7 stamps to be collected. No spoiler 😛 Collect them yourself.Gosho-Aoyama-Manga-Factory-6670.jpg

This 20min walk to Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory 青山剛昌ふるさと館 turned into an 60min walk due to crazy amount of photo taking.

Gosho Aoyama = the guy who created Conan. The manga was set in THIS town!!!

Hint: you can take photos around the town as if you’re in the manga 😉

*We had a lot of fun walking around town and took about 300 photos. This town was a beauty. Think green, rivers, bridges and traditional Japanese houses. Will share the collection on a separate post.
It’s the car from the manga 😀 What dedication to the cause.

Conan was a detective genre manga. So…. in this museum, there was a clue quest. The museum gave out ‘ID’ cards to new and returning visitors. For each time that you solve their mystery hunt, you get a card upgrade. It was my first time, so I qualified for the ‘initial grade’ card.gosho-aoyama-manga-factory-0002.jpg

This ‘mystery hunt’ was designed to be kids friendly. This was not an escape room sort of activity

Photography inside the museum was not allowed. I had asked for permission prior to taking this photo.
Photography inside the museum was not allowed. I had asked for permission prior to taking this photo.
Photography inside the museum was not allowed. I had to asked for permission prior to taking this photo.


Warning: No food was found after 14h00 near the museum. We visited in July and thought it was supposed to be peak season, but the town overall was REALLY quiet. Personally, I strongly recommend eat up before the visit for a carefree 1/2 day trip.

Other famous manga artists who visited the museum.

Where was I?

Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory 青山剛昌ふるさと館


1414 Yurashuku, Hokuei Town, Tottori Prefecture, Japan 689-2221

〒689-2221 鳥取県東伯郡北栄町由良宿1414



How to get to Conan Museum?

  • JR Yura station
  • 20min walk or 5min taxi from JR Yura station

Coming from JR Tottori? That’s about 80min ride. It’s a direct line.


Entrance fee JPY700 per adult

Different prices for different age children


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  1. how fun 🙂 mabye i should wisit that museum next year 🙂

  2. I love this museum, I may not fond of anime but they’re look cute. The sculptures are stunning at their own rights. This is just so lovely to look at.

  3. Hi, great article!

    I’m planning to visit this museum next week. Do you know if it’s possible to leave luggage at the Yura Station? It seems to be a very small station so I’m worried about this. I have a very large backpack that would not be able to fit inside small lockers. I would be coming from Tottori and would prefer not to backtrack because I’m leaving to Osaka on the same day. It’s my first trip to Japan so I’m uncertain about a lot of details.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Ann, thanks for reading. Have a ball on your visit!

      Small station indeed haha. When I went, there were 4 lockers. Could only fit the 65cm luggage (tight). I don’t know if it can fit your backpack. I’ve uploaded photos of the lockers for you 😉 Worst case scenario, you can try to ask the information center (next door to the station) to keep your luggage for you. They’re very kind to tourist, perhaps they will be willing to help. Best of luck 😀

  4. Great story Joyce and what a wonderful obliging husband you have to jazz up your images.

    • Thank you, Denis. It was actually his idea of fun lol ???? I was the obliging party in this case. I was irritated at the time because as you could imagine the amount of stopping involved and I am not the creative half in our marriage.

  5. Those sculptures are so cute!! xoxo, nano |

  6. I have no clue who Conan manga is… but this is super cute. Great posing! 😛

  7. ???? I love the picture of you pointing like the statue! Looks so fun????

  8. Super cool! Would definitely keep this place in mind if I go anywhere close during my visit in Dec.

  9. Beautiful, Joyce 🙂
    Would you like to spread your beautiful words about your amazing trips on my little blog, Joyce?
    If yes, see here:

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