Yey! My unhealthy snacks are here!!!! 😀 Time to get fat wahahaha

Diving into happiness… The usual red fabric paper and introduction card and KABAM of a box this month!!!


Let’s do the review from my favourite snack to my least favourite, shall we?

Tyrant habanero

Japan-funbox-august-2016-0189.jpgI am a HUGE sucker for spicy goodies. I eat this particular chips in cases when I visit Japan. So YEAH I love this one. It has all the goodness of chilli peppers, jalapenos and I have no idea what else is in here, but I LOVE.


Umaibo sticks

Wow, this is the 3 rd time to receive these things. But hey, I LOVE!!!! This time the 3 flavours are:

Grilled chicken yakitori

Corn soup ==> this is THE winner for me


I am so sorry, I ate them and forgot to take photos. (embarrassment) They look the same as these (click), just different flavour 😉

Happy TurnJapan-funbox-august-2016-0186.jpg

This is a rice cake (popped rice?) sort of snack. Flavoured with sugar, salt, calories and all the other good stuff *LOL* So it tastes jolly good *LOL*


Cola cigaretteJapan-funbox-august-2016-0187.jpg

I don’t smoke at all, but this is some serious nostalgic assault. ‘Cigarette’ anybody?


Hello Kitty lozengeJapan-funbox-august-2016-0190.jpg

Heart shape sweets in 4 flavours: strawberry, green apple, grape and lemon. I don’t feel that it does anything for my throat. It’s a lot of sugar + Kitty and that’s all that matters.


Puffy puffy sea breamJapan-funbox-august-2016-0188.jpg

This one is a sweet item. Strawberry and chocolate in the shape of a fish, what’s not to like? This snack features the taiyaki shape fish, but hey, the pastry doesn’t taste anything like the real thing. This is a crisp wafer version of the real thing.

**Normally in Japanese festivals (matsuri) the street stands sells something call taiyaki. This is a fish shape cake filled with sweet red bean paste. Now a days, there are tons of flavour. These things are freshly made and are soooo delicious.


I liked EVERYTHING in this box this month. So, this is a total winner for me 😀

Where did I buy it from?

Japan Funbox was sent directly to UK from Japan; they send to anywhere in the world. They had 3 box sizes to choose from. I bought the smallest one, it is called the ‘Mini’.

**I bought this box myself. No economical benefit from any clicks for me. This is my regular sharing post.


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  1. Wow, you got a good box of happiness Joyce. I as well love spicy food, if only I was there, I’ll surely ask you to give me some of that Lol. Enjoy your box of loaded food goodies Joyce.

  2. What a soooo interesting goods for me because this goods have been extremely familiar with me since childhood!! We could find it at Dagashiya(駄菓子屋)、it’s mean small store which sell sweets or candy for the most part. In recently Dagashiya are not open but we can find cheap sweets at shopping mall easily. In particularly Umai-bou(うまい棒) is very nice!! Haha,うまい=Goodies, right!? I think you got a traditional and currently Japanese goods!

    • Those department stores sweet departments are pure evil!!! So many sweets!!!! I love Umai-bou too much 😀 This was such a great box. Old school and new :9 I’m very happy.

  3. You certainly are a Japanese junkie Junkie Joyce. I used to love Happy Turns until a Japanese friend translated the ingredients and content%,s. Never looked at one since. Anyway enjoy them Joyce while you are young and healthy…..

    • 😀 wahaha I read the ingredient list and ignores it promptly wahahah I have a mild case of gout actually, so I am not so healthy after all 😛 Thank you for reading, Denis.

  4. You love the 暴君ハバネロ seriously? Good! I loved it and completely forgot it somehow. I ‘ll check it out. It is easier for me to do 😉

  5. Well, what was the point of this whole post if you didn’t take pictures of the Umaibo Sticks?!! FAIL!
    I jest. 😛
    And yes, I loved to pretend smoke with candy cigarettes when I little. Then they banned them. 😮
    This Funbox was full of WIN. I want to try everything. That’s it. I’m going order a box. My SO can suck it.

    • (bow deeply) WAHAHAHAH sorry 😛

      JA! I also did that hahahah Actually, I don’t know understand why they banned them. I eat them when I was a kid.

      You have to get this months box~~ Totally agree. All WIN!!!

  6. Tyrant habanero looks so yummy! Need to remember to look out for them when I go to Japan.

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