Japan Funbox
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Japan Funbox April 2016

It arrived!!! I love it that they send out emails to tell subscribers when they’ve been dispatched. Now now, let’s unbox and snack!

Same as last month, the box is lined with the beautiful red fabric like paper.

japan funbox april 2016-5706

I LOVE CALBEE chips!!!! Immediate excitement is right here!!!

Calbee potatoe chips – nori (seaweed) and salt flavour

japan funbox april 2016-5712

Salty wasabi snack – great with beer :9

japan funbox april 2016-5714

Giant Caplico Strawberry – no more melting ice creamjapan funbox april 2016-5715

Whistle candy in grape. Used to have them when I was a kid. Such memories.japan funbox april 2016-5716

Super cola gum and only THREE super lemon.

I love super lemon, but only give me THREE??!?!?!?!? are you kidding me?japan funbox april 2016-5717

Anyways, another weight gaining box 😀

The end.

How to get this box?

Japan Funbox was sent directly to UK from Japan; they send to anywhere in the world. They had 3 box sizes to choose from. I bought the smallest one, it is called the ‘Mini’.



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  1. omg, the whistle candy! I totally had those as a kid too! I’d forgotten about them. 😛
    Besides beauty items, I’m going to haul SO much Japanese snacks… I cannot wait.

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