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Also in town… Matsue Castle

How to get there?

Matsue train station (JR rail), Japan

Shimane prefecture.

Quick Orientation

Matsue, Shimane prefecture. North of Okayama / Osaka. Belongs to the strip known as the Sanin. Sanin is not as developed as the Sanyo region and hence less visitors and less crowds.

Matsue is 5-6 hours train from Tokyo. From Okayama to Matsue 2.5 hours.

JR pass holders, make sure you check the route, the sunrise izumo night train (Tokyo-Matsue) required a JPY9500 surcharge. Unless you prebook the nobi nobi compartment (free with the pass, but often full), the night train will be expensive.

The JR pass inclusive route is via Okayama. There’s only 1 train per hour from Okayama to Matsue (JR Yakumo).


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  1. Wish I could visit Japan once in my lifetime – such a fascinating place and you took some beautiful pics <3

      • Checking your blog post about Japan had really made me think of saving money for my future trip to Japan. I hope I can visit Japan soon.

        • Absolutely, Lai. There are quite a few budget flight, bus pass options that are cheaper than the traditional flight and JR pass. I have backpacked there quite a bit, very affordable if not visiting Tokyo.

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