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Fengchihu Rueili Historical Trail – Chiayi, Taiwan 奮瑞古道

This hike was originally a real trade route between 2 towns, hence the name Fengchihu (town A) Rueili (town B) historical trail. But ever since Alishan area developed a rail line, it has become a leisure 6.4km hike.

Okay, my hike was a lot more creepy than expected… suddenly misted up and a bunch of birds flew off type. Basically, I was experiencing a ‘A Chinese Ghost Story’ 倩女幽魂 moment. Could not see beyond 1m. My phone camera was having more clarity than me. Needless to say, had to cut the hike short (around the 3km mark?). I chickened out after I started to imagine the bamboos were moving.

*The above picture is from the movie, all in my mind, not real. I need to share what I was imagining.*

The below is the progressive photos.

20141227_120931 20141227_124549 20141227_123556 20141227_12354920141227_123636 20141227_135756 20141227_123321

For comparison’s sake:

20141227_133930 20141227_124808

Okay, I sucked, I didn’t finish the hike and didn’t see the waterfall or the fireflies 😦 but someone else did. Check this blog out. Great photos and this blogger seems to have a thing for waterfalls.

Length of the hike is 6.4km, approximately 4.5 hours if you don’t do 101 stops to take photos

Essential gear:

Shoes with great grip – very slippery rocky path

Rain proof jacket

How to get here?

From Southen Taiwan, Chiayi 嘉義

Hop off the rail station Fengchihu 奮起湖 and the local map board will reveal the way.

20141227_121835 20141227_121726


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