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Went to the Louis Vuitton exhibition last week and here is a quick load down.

LV is out to entertain visitors with tech visuals and suit up tour host. My personal favourite ‘exhibition’ is ‘Meet with an artisan from Asnieres’. It is a short Q&A session, but lovely, make LV feels more warm & fussy. She doesn’t speak English, so LV has a translator on standby. Nice designer touch 😉 Also get to meet the pieces from the AW2015 run way – some are for up close and personal, available for touching.

I don’t have much to say about the AW2015 collection, apparel is my real life profession after all. Career limiting move for me to comment, right?

wpid-dsc_0265.jpg wpid-dsc_0226.jpgwpid-dsc_0264.jpg wpid-dsc_0251.jpg wpid-dsc_0233.jpg wpid-dsc_0231.jpgwpid-dsc_0234.jpg wpid-dsc_0241.jpg wpid-dsc_0237.jpg wpid-dsc_0228.jpg wpid-dsc_0239.jpg

**The fluffy white piece is made of sheep fur, no polar bear has been harmed in the making

wpid-dsc_0256.jpg wpid-dsc_0261.jpg LV AW2015, Louis Vuitton Series 3

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