Went to the Louis Vuitton series 3 exhibition in London last week and here is a quick summary on what to expect.

LV is out to entertain visitors with tech visuals and suit up tour host. My personal favourite ‘exhibition’ is ‘Meet with an artisan from Asnieres’. It is a short Q&A session, but lovely, make LV feels more warm & fussy. She doesn’t speak English, so LV has a translator on standby. Nice designer touch 😉 Also get to meet the pieces from the AW2015 run way – some are for up close and personal, available for touching.

I don’t have much to say about the AW2015 collection, apparel is my real life profession after all. Career limiting move for me to comment, right?

**The fluffy white piece is made of sheep fur, no polar bear has been harmed in the making

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LV AW2015, Louis Vuitton Series 3



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