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Devil’s washboard. Aoshima, Japan. 青島, 宮崎

Devil’s washboard aka Oni no sentakuita

This neat looking rock formation is 100% naturally formed. Unbelievable, right? They are only visible during low tides. Read the tidal schedule before visiting.


Devil’s washboard, the name, is derived from the aerial look of the formation. From above, the stones looks like lines surrounding the island. I didn’t do the helicopter, so no pic from me. I did find the aerial photo from the official tourism board for reference.


“mid” tide


low tide







There are 3 yellow post boxes all over Japan. One of them is here!!!


It’s on your left when you’re about to cross the bridge. This is a REAL functional postbox.


Also on this small island is the Aoshima Shrine. For more details click here.


How to get here?

Aoshima, Miyazaki.

From Miyazaki to Aoshima is 30min via JR Rail Nichinan Line. JPY 370 if you don’t have JR pass.

Between Aoshima train station to the island is around 15min by foot.

Coming soon… Bio-hazardous Shrine – Samemachi, Aomori 八戸市鮫町

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This guy was not going to miss anything. He had 3 pro grade reflex, 3 different range point lens and a few other gadgets on his belt. Estimated weight? 7kg


  1. I have visited Japan 3 times in Typhoon season and have many photos with similar cloud and memories of the rain and wind. Usually they only last a couple of days.

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