At this farm, wasabi plant get bathed in Hotaka alps fresh water 24/7 and their very own sun shades. How’s that for a life, huh?

Daio wasabi farm

Hotaka 穂高 (Azumino city 安曇野市), 30min train ride from Matsumoto. This small town is a hidden gem. Mainly farms and well maintained hikes. Nature is all over here. Their main attraction here is undoubtedly the Daio Wasabi Farm 大王わさび農場. This is one of the largest wasabi farm in Japan.

The walk from the train station to the farm left me breathless (not from tiredness). My word, it is beautiful as well as refreshing.

Farms of Azumino, Japan

Look at that view!!! (love)

Entrance to the farm is free. All the wasabi information are given in Japanese only. Whether you can read it or not, wasabi farm is worth visiting. Wasabi is undoubted a symbol of Japan too, right?

Wasabi sculpture

At the farm, they have all of the following items in wasabi flavour:

  1. beer
  2. ice cream
  3. juice
  4. sausage
  5. croquette
  6. burger
  7. minced buns
  8. salad dressing
  9. noodles
  10. chocolate
  11. pickles
  12. paste
  13. and of course, the wasabi plant

Wasabi ice cream, soft serve Wasabi juice Wasabi sauce Wasabi croquette Wasabi plant

Choose wisely, limited capacity and food coma inducing.

After food, a stroll in the farm is good. Within the vicinity there is a small shrine that houses the guardian of wasabi, fish pond and water wheel. During summer months, can even take a boat ride. Really pleasant to see and experience. If you are lucky, you can spot one of their endangered peacock coloured dragonfly.

Daio wasabi farm, Azumino Daio wasabi farm, Azumino3N5A8661Dragonfly, daio wasabi farm

For the finale… try out the 13 degree celcius foot bath (free). This way you can experience what’s it’s like to be a wasabi.

Daio Wasabi Farm, cold onsen


How to get there?

Matsumoto to Hotaka 30min by train

JR Oito line: JPY 320 one way if you don’t have the JR pass.

From the train station, you can:

45min walk. Very flat and scenic

Bus JPY 500 per way or JPY 800 for the day

Bicycle  JPY200 / hour ***non-winter only, this is part of Nagano still (aka really cold)

Taxi JPY 1200 – 10min

This is the bus stop sign for Daio wasabi farm.
Local Japanese TV crew
Local Japanese TV crew

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