Old Town, Vieux Lyon. Maximum seats about 18 people in this cosy Lyonnais / traditional French food restaurant. 1 waitron and 1 chef. No frill, just great food and service living up to Lyon’s foodie town reputation.

Restaurant Type

Bouchon. Casual dining. Family friendly.

Not for kids under 7. There’s no space for pram/kids chair.



Traditional Frenchun-deux-trois-bouchon-lonnais-lyon-restaurant-review-9835


Quiet, not dead silence. No music was playing. Just quiet chatter in the background. The restaurant has a lot natural wood and Bonne Maman feeling with its gingham curtains. Feels a bit like a cabin in the wood? I instantly wanted to order hot chocolate upon entering. LOL I really enjoyed the ambiance, especially on a cold day.


Food Quality

BOMB! Balanced flavour beyond the crust. Sooooo much food coma. They were not shy with their butter richness. Not for anyone who’s on a diet. Delicious, but most dishes lack enticing aroma. It’s a rather strange thing really, given that their dishes was absolutely yummy.

Starter: raviole de Royans velouté crème d’ail et escargots / pasta envelop with snails inside + lots of garlic cream. It was so huge for a starter.
Escargots by Un Deux Trois Lyon
Starter: Escargots / snails, classic with garlic and maybe parsley is in there. I spilled water on my notes and can’t read everything *LOL* Out of all the dishes that we’ve tried out at this place, I think this was the weakest. Low on aroma and the protein was slightly towards the over cooked side.
Main: Quenelle St Jacque à l’Armoricaine / Baked cream with scallop. No ways to translate this. It was FANTASTIC. So tasty and not overly rich. Balanced cream, salt and herby taste. Stunning dish.
Andouillette de confit de canard et poivre vert by Un Deux Trois
Main: Andouillette de confit de canard et poivre vert / it is a type of sausage that has organs + duck with green pepper (okay, it sounds horrible in English, but it is a French classic), I’m very allergic to it so I can’t share any comment on this dish. My husband loved it though.
Dessert: île flottante / egg white and tons of sugar. It was light and lofty, but coma inducing. The custard was very liquid.
Dessert: Tarte of red berries. My hubby ate it so quickly that I never got a bite 🙁



I am unable to comment on this, as I’ve only been there once.


Instagramability / Photogenic

This is a no frill bouchon! So no, their dishes were not made for a photo session. Not horrible, but won’t be an IG winner either.



Timely and polite. Waitron remembered who ordered what and did not need to ask / reconfirm when serving. The service was professional even to the point of serving wine the traditional way.

For tea, they served with a tin *LOL* there were 6 to choose from.

Value for money

Totally worth it! It was nothing. We paid around 60 for the 2 of us (EUR26 for the 3 course mean + alcoholic drink). We had 2 starters, 2 main, 2 desert, 4 drinks. Quality and service was great. The experience was pleasant. Definitely worth the money.


If I remember correctly, they had a 3 course set menu for under EUR20 as well.


Part of their menu is available on La Fourchette / The fork if you want to check out their offering or price.


Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Unable to rate higher than this because I have only visited once. I live in Paris , not sure when I’ll visit Lyon again.


It is important to me that restaurants are consistent in their service and food quality. For any restaurants that I’m writing a review based on just 1 visit, the highest possible rating will be 4.


Rating system explained

0 – May consider it again if I got paid to eat there aka free meal + wage

1 – O my golly, why did I do this to myself. Horrible! Will tell all my friends about it.

2 – Should have gone else where.

3 – It’s okay.

4 – Pleasant experience. Likely to revisit.

5 – Bloody excellent! Will tell all my friends about it. Repeat visit.



1 place Neuve Saint-Jean

69005 Lyon

It is in the old town (Vieux Lyon) and near the VERY dangerous Pralus (2min walk). See the look of my face in Pralus.

Reservation is probably necessary, as this is a bouchon and when we were there they’re full and had to turn people away. We were just lucky. *We traveled in low season

Tel: +33 (0)4 26 00 94 13

email: restaurant.1.2.3@live.fr

cannot reserve a table via La Fourchette / The fork


Camera: Canon 5D mark 3, 50mm f/1.8


Have you been here before? Any thoughts on their sister restaurant next door, Les Ventres Jaunes”?

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  1. I secretly enjoy places where kids are not allowed. 😛
    Ooh escargots, yum yum!
    The desserts look delicious too!
    My ideal meal would be just appetizers and desserts. 😀

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