After serial procrastination, I have finally decided on an item list. Read a lot of tips about keeping it simple and not overly ambitious, so here is project pan list and reasons why I choose them.

Bareminerals original mineral veil

Made in USA, 2g

I have panned one last year, this is my low hanging fruit to stay in the program. I used this to feel silky smooth LOL I just love this stuff. It does have a slight pink tint if I go psycho with the application.

Current weight: 28g


Bareminerals original spf 15 foundation – medium beige N20

Made in USA, 2gproject-pan-bareminerals-original-foundation-medium-beige-n20-6976.JPGI love bareminerals… however, I have 3 of their original foundation in different shades. Panning one won’t hurt.

Current gross weight: 30g



Bobbi Brown long-wear gel eyeliner – graphite shimmer ink 15

Made in Belgium, 3gBobbi brown gel liner graphiteI bought it in the airport duty free. I don’t even know why I bought this. I hardly use eyeliner. This thing was not cheap, so I am determined to to use it up. Been using it 5 days a week for a month. Looks like it may take 5-6 months of daily use to finish.

Current gross weight: 37g


Bobbi Brown shimmer brick compact – beige

Made in Italy, 10.3gbobbi brown shimmer brick beige

Guess what else happened at the duty free? This was something that I always wanted for my collection. Ironically, I don’t love the product now that I do own one. It is so huge, I have no hope to ever hit pan. I just want to find a reason to use it.

Current gross weight: 76g


MAC sheer tone blush – pinch o’ peach

Made in Italy, 6gMAC sheertone blush pinch o peachFavourite blush of all time. The pan is huge. Hardly a dent?!?! Has anyone ever hit a pan with MAC stuff (exclude professional MUA)? This thing is already 3 years old even though I use this with aggression, the pan is no where to be seen. Is it weird that I am ready for the repurchase before I finish this one?

Current gross weight: 32g


Dior addict gloss – princess 553

Made in France, 6.5mlproject-pan-dior-addict-gloss-princess-553-6985.JPGIt has this multi facet micro glitter that I love and the gloss isn’t sticky. It’s more like a lip treat? It reminds me of the Clarins lip oil but less thick. It hardly has any colour. Although this is my 3rd one, I have never actually panned any. I opened this one in May or June 2017. I throw away / stop using any liquid lippies after they’ve been opened for 1 year (max). So this is something that I really want to finish. It will be a real personal achievement.

Current gross weight: 39g


Colourpop ultra matte lip – knotty

Made in USA, 3.2gproject-pan-colourpop-knotty-6995.JPGI do stick to the toss rule. So this one is something that I need to pan. I’ve first opened it in June 2017.

Current gross weight: 26g


Jo Malone cologne – french lime blossom

Made in England, 30mlproject-pan-jo-malone-french-lime-blossom-6978.JPGA friend has one and I thought she smelt stunning, so I bought some too. It is a big regret buy because the staying power is appalling. The product experience is poor. The packaging is great and it smells great. But seriously, at this price, it needs to do better than artificially constructed luxury experience. Branded as luxury doesn’t mean that it won’t feel cheap. There is nothing luxurious about a fragrance that can barely stay on for 2 hours. Can’t wait to finish this thing.

Current gross weight: 101g


Small chat…

Why am I doing project pan? Well, I do have some beauty hoarding issues. It took me a long time to come to terms with it. You see, unlike many beauty lovers, I used to hide my makeup purchases. I feel ashamed of loving vanity products if that make sense.


So that’s it from me. Are you doing a project pan? I will love to read your story. Please drop your link and I’ll pop right over 😉

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  2. My friend has just finished up her rose shimmer brick and I think she said she had it 4/5 years and used it daily! I bet if it was weighed before you would have at least seen some deterioration even if the pan still isn’t peeking through

    • O golly, so sorry Rachael. I just realised that I am 7 months too late with this reply. Promise that I’m not ignoring you on purpose. That shimmer brick doesn’t even have a dent after rough use daily. It has 10.3g. Clearly, I have chosen poorly. It is the only product that made zero progress.

  3. It’s seriously difficult to narrow down products for a Project Pan! I think you chose well. It’s a good mix of products that can be used up, and some that just need to be shown more love (and will likely never ever see pan!)
    I’ve never paid mind to MAC Pinch o’ Peach blush and now I have to check it out since it’s your favourite blush!
    Last month I went back to the Jo Malone counter again and I was once again not wow’d by anything. I did end up getting a Diptyque perfume sample (in Eau Duelle – a spicy vanilla scent).
    Good luck with your Project Pan!

    • Thanks 😀 I feel more encouraged. Ja, I don’t feel strong to hit pan with the blush and the shimmer brick. LOL I just want to use their values’ worth haha.

      Honestly, don’t buy Jo Malone. The lasting power is really lacking. You’re not missing out 😉

  4. I am like you! I don’t actually wear that much makeup. Even when I do, it is a relatively simple look, nothing too glammed up. But I seem to LOVE buying it at times, and I can admit to buying some products which I really have not touched since buying.

    This is a great post idea. I will definitely consider doing something like this in the future. 🙂

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