Amazing outdoor activities never end in Guadeloupe. Here’s a round of waterfall chase in Basse Terre. Key feature of this hike was the Carbet Fall. O, I’m not the luckiest when it came to the weather. Tropical storm in the jungle haha. 

Photo was taken at the deck near the entrance. As you can see, the storm was coming.

Fab news, this site had several categories of hikes available!! Their easiest one ( TF, for “Très facile” / very easy) was totally doable by flip flop! Ranging right through to options where one needs serious fitness, ropes and pro shoes.

There are easy to follow signs everywhere. All categories and has the estimated time.

Deuxieme Chute du Carbet aka Carbet Fall 2nd. This was designated as a 30min hike, category “F” for easy. I must say, this was a children friendly hike. Zero “wild” path.

The entrance to the hike was all paved out in wood. Too bad that it was raining like hell 🙁

This hike was just beautiful, even though the weather really sucked LOL To kick start, they placed a small teaser right at the entrance to motivate you for the hike.chutes-du-carbet-guadeloupe-carbet-falls-1110Off to the jungle we go…chutes-du-carbet-guadeloupe-carbet-falls-1108

In the jungle, o mighty jungle… there’s no lion here in Guadeloupe and no monkeys either haha

Sigh… so much beauty and so much rain hahachutes-du-carbet-guadeloupe-carbet-falls-1149I love these middle of nowhere bridges. We could hear the water… and it was this that we were hearing.

This was technically not a feature, it was just something that we walked passed over the bridge.

We haven’t reached the first waterfall yet and we already took 100 photos haha too much beauty, too little timechutes-du-carbet-guadeloupe-carbet-falls-2970chutes-du-carbet-guadeloupe-carbet-falls-3020Time for the Carbet Fall #2. There’s a veranda sort of set up for this photogenic spot. It was rather stressful, because you know that other people were waiting for the spot. So, either queue up with the other visitors and quickly do your thing or…

…you can do an off course route aka walk into the bush, to take as many as you wish in peace. Featured photo was also taken in the bush.

NB: Please do this with extreme caution. The rocks are slippery and you can fall to your death. Going off course like me was not recommended by the facility. Do this at your own risk.

There were lots of hiking options and various waterfall offering. Here’s a photo of what their “D” for difficult (the path to the Carbet Fall 1st looks like. With the rain coming down steady, we decided to give it up for the day. Slippery was an understatement.

chutes-du-carbet-guadeloupe-carbet-falls-1208 Cutest couple ever was spotted!!

This couple slipped down twice and held hand for the fall twice. If that’s not sweetness, I don’t know what is. Every relationships’ goal.

Where was I?

Chutes du Carbet

Forêt Départementalo-Domaniale, Capesterre Belle Eau, Guadeloupe

2.30 EUR per adult or 6 EUR for a year passchutes-du-carbet-guadeloupe-carbet-falls-1163.JPG

The drive to this attraction was windy and at times narrow.


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