I love tiny places 😀 I found this little home style store via reading a Japanese local paper. So glad that I persevered and found this place.

bansai-hasegawa-kyoto-tofu-cuisine-7674.JPGIt’s not that they’re fancy or things like that. It’s just the place oozes the feeling of home. The whole time only locals came through the door. Seems like the chef knew his customers by their names. Such an amazing experience!

bansai-hasegawa-kyoto-home-style-tofu-restaurant-7661.JPGAlthough I am a “meatarian”, I thoroughly enjoyed their tofu rich food (there was fish as well). The chef was very attentive to details, which I did not expect from a buffer lunch.bansai-hasegawa-kyoto-home-style-tofu-restaurant-7669.JPGInstant love moment! The chef frequently checks the food in each bowl. We arrived early, so we got to see him and his assistant preparing for lunch hour. Unlike Western style buffet, the chef purposely not over fill each bowl. No waste is the key. What’s not to love?bansai-hasegawa-kyoto-home-style-tofu-restaurant-7664I diligently tried all 11 buffet dishes :9 The fish fillet was freshly cooked and each customer would get 1 serving only. As I was taking food porn, the chef (長谷川光雄) got impatient with me and reminded me that the dishes would get cold. I really do LOVE this place fiercely! Balanced healthy tasting food 😀 This sounds totally crazy coming from wahaha

bansai-hasegawa-kyoto-home-style-tofu-restaurant-7675.JPGAmazingly, this buffet lunch was only JPY1,050


*sigh* Love


Where was I?

Bansai Hasegawa

72-1 Masuyacho (Sanjodori), Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 604-8111, Japan


The chef’s portrait on the official site is pretty accurate. *LOL*

Closed on Wednesday and Thursday. Please do check their official site in case there has been an update.


Camera: Canon 5D mark 3

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  1. With soya it depends on the preparation. You are right I have had unforgettable times in Japan . 4 visits all up for a total of 21 weeks although 3 times were leading a school group of students and teachers.

  2. Lovely post Joyce. Once i absolutely loved Japanese cuisine, still can find some elements to enjoy.

    • You’re not intolerrant to soy bean as well are you? 🙁 But you know what, you sounded like you’ve had the best of times in Japan.

  3. Aren’t most Japanese eateries “tiny places” by default? XD Most of them are IMPOSSIBLE to find too. This place looks divine!
    I love LOVE tofu. I could subsist on a diet of tofu, I think (my one meat weakness is bacon). I’ve managed to convince SO to cook with tofu and he now enjoys it too!

  4. Grrrr…I’m so jealous, I love these kinds of places too because the food is almost always very good and affordable.

    • ???? yes, please try and let me know your thoughts too. You’ve tried so many hardcore restaurants and such gorgeous posts in your blog.

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