Finally, I got my hands on this box! It was the only 2016 my little box that I did not subscribe because I was away that whole month. I was obsessing over that moonrise cleansing gel when I read Rachel’s post. When I received that promotional email in Jan, I bought it immediately. Time to unbox!

my-little-box-nov-2016-france-my-little-good-night-box-3.JPGThis edition had one of the best content that I’ve received to date. The topics covered to the model that they chose were all solid. My little world magazine is not longer in the running. December 2016 was its last edition. RIP my little world. my-little-box-nov-2016-france-my-little-good-night-box-4

Surprise! Inside the magazine there’s an infusion (honey + rooibos) zzzZZZzzz sleep tight infusion
Look at the bag!!! It’s stitched together and has a beautiful print. Had such a love touch to it. Felt like a luxurious gift?

my-little-box-nov-2016-france-my-little-good-night-box-7.JPGInside the bag was this eye cover / eye patch? No idea what these things are called. It was cute and looks lovely. Higly photogenic. The contrast fabric touch was impressive for a subscription box.


I will not be using this item though. It was 100% polyester and had a paste print on the side facing my eyes. That’s kind of a product design fail? My cotton jersey Muji will remain my all time favourite (it is washable & indestructible).

This was the item that I was super excited about.

my-little-box-nov-2016-france-my-little-good-night-box-15Instant love! This is now placed in my bathroom. 😀 I just loved this thing. It’s ceramic and is SOOOOO cute. The ‘splat’ pattern matches the bag that came with the eye cover. How’s that for detail management? BIG applause to the product developer at MLB.

I had received the exact same bag before, but I loves these sash bag so much it doesn’t matter *LOL*

Time for the beauty items were:

  • My little beauty moonrise makeup remover jelly 100ml
  • Garancia 3 in 1 body lotion 75ml
  • Neutrogena concentrated hand cream 50ml
  • Glov mini glove – remove makeup with only water

My Little Beauty Moonrise makeup remover jelly – I was and am a HUGE sucker for cleansers. I LOVE washing my face LOL So this one is by far my favourite beauty product in this box.


On Garancia 3 in 1 body lotion, either my French was very bad or this thing was supposed to be magic. It said that it was a scrub without grains and no rinsing required. It also claimed to be anti-dry / anti-crocodile skin LOL. I was entertained. Like I said to Stashy, I was/am just not into body lotions.

Neutrogena concentrated hand cream… well, I have about 2L of hand cream in my stash? Plus I had used this before, so either in the trash or pass it to a friend? I don’t need to even try this one out.


Glov sigh aka a micro-fibre polyester. Not sure if I am into this type of mechanical cleansing. I’m pretty happy with the Clinique sonic brush at the

Candle and earings featured in the photos are not included. Candle was from My Little Box Dec 2016. Earings are from Kate Spade.


That’s it for this ‘belated’ unboxing 😀


Where to get this box?

I bought this box myself. No economical benefit for me for any clicks.

**this is the French MLB

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  1. So you’re allowed to order an older box under this service? That’s neat. Most boxes ones it’s shipped, it’s gone and you don’t get to order it later on.
    Do you use an eye mask to sleep regularly or just to travel? I can’t stand them. I don’t find light really affects my ability to fall sleep – I mean, once I close my eyes, it’s dark! Why do I need it? 😛
    The Moonrise makeup remover jelly sound interesting – will do you do a review on it?

    • Well, only some of the boxes are available. It is not with all the boxes as well. They sell special edition or throw back boxes on their sister site

      I only use the eye mask for travel. *LOL* If I’m having serious insomnia, I’ll put one on as well.

      Stashy, all these review questions~~ Is this a plot to get me adding a beauty category? 😛 I now owe you both the Talika and Moonrise review.

  2. Ahh yay you got it, the dish was worth if for me alone!
    I’ve been trialling the Moonrise gel and I’m not impressed with it, doesn’t seem to remove any makeup for me at all, have you tried it yet?
    That was the only product that was the same from our two boxes this time, haven’t had any of those others in any boxes in the past! x

    • Really? I haven’t tried that cleansing gel yet. Sounds tragic ???? o well, it still looks cute in the stash ????

      I agree with you, that moon plate is too cute to pass ????

        • O man, Rachael, you really do have bad luck with breaking stuff. I’ll test that gel out tonight! It will be so sad for such a cute looking item not to work.

          • Hi Rachael, I love the fragrance and it removed non-waterproof makeup fine. For waterproof mascara, it required an extra wipe. The emulsion is not a creamy as I’d like, but the after wash suppleness is right up my alley. Overall, I like it (based on 2 uses).

            Hm… not sure why it didn’t remove any makeup for you. Did you apply it dry onto the skin and then drip/pat water to emulsify? It removed makeup alright for me.

            Fingers cross for no more breaking cosmetics for you 😛

          • I used it in the shower, but I used it on a dry face rubbed in before sticking my head under to rinse off.
            It did an okay job with face makeup, although I did follow up with a micellar pad and it hadn’t removed everything. Eye makeup was disastrous, I looked like a panda (and I don’t use waterproof mascara)!
            I do really like the scent of it though, smells just kind of lightly sweet?

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