I received them at noon and I’ve already ate them all. WahahaI loved their packaging!!! The packaging was very pretty for a subscription box. They printed photos from various instagram account on the inside of the lid!!! How cute was that?graze-snack-box-uk-1433My box even had a silly joke *LOL*graze-snack-box-uk-1441

Quote: What did the lettuce say to the celery? Stop stalking me.


Anyhow, here were the goodies. Mine was a variety box.

  • Vietnamese pho soup
  • Thai tom yum soup
  • Vanilla and almond protein yoghurt topper

New York everything bagelgraze-snack-box-uk-1439

I have zero creativity cell today. This was my only attempt.


:9 The New York everything bagel (poppyseed & onion sesame sticks) was my favourite in this box.


Something that I really enjoyed about this box was their webpage experience.


Screenshot (6).png

There was a function to snooze the box as well; this was also quite useful. E.g. if I’m traveling, I could skip the week or 2 weeks etc. Could also decide on which day to receive the box. Overall, the experience was really pleasant.


I am undecided whether to continue the subscription or just select and buy the snacks directly. Anyhow, if I do decide to continue, you’ll hear all about it 😉


How to get a box?


or get the 1st box for free with this link: CHOSHA2QU

It was £3.99 per box for 4 snacks.

I got a voucher from my railcard, so this was a double whammy freebie 😀


You can get your box for free too!!


Use my code: CHOSHA2QB  This way, you can get your 1st, 5th, 10th box for free. You can unsubscribe after you received your freebie 1st box. There is no commitment.

**If you do sign up using my code, I get £1 off my next box 🙂 Not sure if that qualifies as affiliated code, since I don’t actually get paid 😛

They also popped in a voucher for a subscription grocery box. That Gousto box normally goes around for £40+ a pop. Even with the £20 off, I don’t think I’ll give that a go. The gift code GRAZE40B is valid for everybody, so please feel free to use this. This is not an affiliated voucher code & I don’t get anything out of it.


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  1. I used to subscribe to graze awhile back and I loved! But then I moved and cancelled my subscription

  2. Loved your review! I have just posted a graze box review as well! Would love if you could check it out! X

  3. This is so cool! I love how you get fun boxes like the Japanese one before. The other options looks yummy as well from that list! I want to try the Vietnamese Pho one~

    • Ja, the snack boxes are worth checking out. They’re more healthy than Lays and my various junk food addiction. Lol 😛

  4. LMAO you ate them ALL already? Did you share? Did you eat these in place of your proper lunch? 😛
    This is so nicely packaged – that joke though, oiy. And glad to hear the online store experience was good too.
    I’ve been curious about those Japanese snack boxes. I love trying out weird snacks so I feel like it would be a good opportunity for someone else to curate snacks for me.

    • Yup… burp (excuse me) 😛 I ate them all, plus a proper lunch. Burp (excuse me) wahahaha The Jap snack box that I got is decent. I haven’t had a bad box yet *touch wood*. If you do jump onto the sub box thing, I think the snack boxes are the way to go 😉

      • I love snacks! I’m always ahem, GRAZING! 😛 Need to find a good option that ships to Canada!

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