Yey! Another ferry ride at Port Blanc. Love doing that. Baden was quite the spot for island hopping. The islands were wine & party ready, but in the French chic way (not Phi Phi, Thailand). The accuracy of what’s going on was sketchy, given that I only understood 30% of the time. This was part of my immersion French course.


I am a huge sucker for paths like this by the way. This was on the way to the Quai.

Tadum! Another beautiful day, another beautiful sight~~This was in May, so the place was still relatively quiet. According to grandma, this place would be flooded by tourist by June. All signs were 100% French here. I guess, this is more of a local French tourism spot?

Those who has been following probably realised that I have a thing for boat / ferry rides. 😛

How to get here?

Baden, Port-Blanc, Brittany, France

Closest major city: Rennes

GPS address: entrez lle aux Moines

Driving is ESSENTIAL. There’s no public transport here.

**please bear in mind that I understood only 30% of what was going on during this trip

Port-Blanc / Baden

Boat ride every 30min between 7h00 – 19h30 (Sept – June)

7h00 – 22h00 (July to Aug)

Duration: 5 min

Price: 5 euro

There are also a bunch of tour packages.



Ferry ride was a treat from grandma 😀


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  1. Certainly a peaceful little town Joyce. Reminds me a bit of the little fishing village I grew up near. Sleepy for most of then year with 2000 people then 20,000 during summer and 45,000 during the weekend Folk festival . Does this French village have a future plan for global warming induced sea rise?

  2. the ferry rides seem like they were a great experience! I wish to go on one in France someday

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