My blog will continue to be 99% about travel 🙂 Got to admit that this is a WEIRD entry for my blog. This is my 4th box 😀 I am loving it!! My Little Box UK. Why the strange post? It just that there are so few ‘My Little Box’ English posts going around and I am getting a frustrated looking around to share the experience.

I totally adore their attention to details. The unboxing is just so pleasant every time. Per norm, each box comes with:

  • 1 x magazine
  • 1 x little fabric sash bag
  • Surprise item(s) in line with the month’s theme
  • 2 x French brand beauty product
  • 1 x my little box’s in-house brand beauty product

my little box uk feb 2016-4066my little box uk feb 2016-4067

This month’s theme is home.

As you can see, enclosed is a muted blue wooden photo frame (hang / desk). I like the colour of this frame. I just need to figure out where to put it in my messy home lol.

my little box uk feb 2016-4068

Then it is the monthly magazine with articles about home & beauty.

my little box uk feb 2016-4069my little box uk feb 2016-4070

Followed by a cotton cushion cover. Okay, I am not impressed, that thing feels like seed cloth; a bit too earthly for me. I do understand the ‘natural’ appeal though.

my little box uk feb 2016-4071

Tadum! The small sash pouch never fails to delight me 😀 Each month they come up with these cute print. Perhaps drawn by Kanako? Apparently their artist is a Tokyolite who does these delightful drawings (read about it from their facebook page).

my little box uk feb 2016-4072

For the finale, the 3 products of the month. Not everyone gets the same thing. There are variations.


The Noxidoxi mask & peel smells and felt good. Light cream texture. The grains are round shape and felt sparse? As a scrub, I don’t feel that it is effective. My skin does feel quite supple and moist afterwards though. Only used it once, maybe too early to judge?

22/4/2016: I confirm that Noxidoxi is useless as a scrub. I have finished the whole tube. I don’t feel particularly clean or less ‘dull’ after religious use (3 times a week).


Polaar hand cream. Smell stunning. It is free of paraben, alcohol and mineral oil. I guess it sounds safe for my eczema prone hands? If I break out like hell, I’ll tell you all about it.


The my little beauty easy morning cream smells lovely, BUT I haven’t tested it yet. So TBA.


I had a mishap with this box actually. Royal Mail failed to deliver this to my address despite someone was in the house (!?!?!?!). So I ended up spending 40min fetching my box. Epic failure for a box experience *sigh*. Anyways, I hope this only an unfortunate isolated incident. I WAS BLOODY ANNOYED!


So that concludes my first ever ‘beauty’ post. Hope you’ve enjoy reading this one.

**I bought this box myself.


Their customer care is lightning fast! They reply in less than 24 hours! I complained about Royal Mail, the courier.


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