Prepare to queue up at this legendary restaurant – Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 , Xinyi store. Warm Taiwanese hospitality and DELICIOUS xiaolongbao :9 No need to break the piggy bank for this place. They are tasty and super reasonable with their prices (NT$200 for 10 xiaolong bao!!!). There are multiple branches even in Taipei, make sure you’re going to the right one. It is Xinyi that you need to get to.

In case you have never heard of them or xiaolongbao. Xiaolongbao is a soup dumpling that is originally from Jiangnan province in China. Din Tai Fung is the first xiaolongbao specialty store that has become recognised internationally. I am a big fan because usually authentic / good Chinese restaurant look shabby or borderline dirty, but Din Tai Fung is clean and can see their kitchen through the looking glass. Bonus, Tom Cruise ate at this branch too.

Top priority is get a seat number. Watch the screen for your number.

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Next is to order asap that you sit down. My favourites are:

(1) Classic pork xiaolongbao 经典猪肉小笼包

(2) Drunken chicken 醉鸡

(3) Chilly cucumber (no idea what it was in Chinese lol)

(4) Beef (with soup) noodle 牛肉面

(5) Spinach & pork chilly oil dumpling  红油炒手

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Well, sad thing is that they’ve opened up franchises all over the world  and start to get a bit tacky (Taiwan branch is almost 40% cheaper than China). The home store is still excellent though. I cannot understand how the Hong Kong branch received 1 Michelin star.

How to get here?

Get to the Xinyi Subway station.  Walk straight ahead and you’ll see it on the right. Difficult to miss because of the crowd.

Din Tai Fung, No. 194 Second Section, Xinyi Road, Taipei, Taiwan

Tel: 02-23218928


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  1. Shih-Ya Huang Reply

    I’ve only been there once, April 2014 and I still dream about their sour hot soup….Can’t remember why I didn’t go again in Dec 2014… XD

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